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Study Suggests Cannabis Improves Gut Health, Researchers Find

A person’s gut health is excellent when the gastrointestinal tract maintains a beneficial balance of bacteria and functions optimally. If the gut becomes injured or inflamed, it may release toxins into the bloodstream. This can lead to irritants circulating in your bloodstream that can cause your immune system to enter survival mode and address the issue, thereby giving rise to the symptoms you experience and necessitating medication.

There are multiple ways doctors manage gut issues, but recently, there has been growing interest in the potential benefits of cannabis usage. 

With many individuals exploring its effects, there has been a notable increase in searches for “cannabis store near me” as people seek alternative solutions to address gut problems.

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Study on the Impact of Cannabis on the Gut

A recent study conducted on animal and human cell lines and published in August 2018 sheds light on cannabis’s potential to alleviate inflammatory bowel and gut conditions, corroborating anecdotal evidence.

What’s intriguing is that the study’s original focus was not cannabis-related; rather, it aimed to explore the mechanisms of gut inflammation using mice as subjects. The researchers stumbled upon a significant finding: deficient levels of internal endogenous cannabinoids, or endocannabinoids, in the gut caused inflammation in the mice.

The researchers found that internal efforts to mitigate potential inflammation relied on transmitting specific molecules through a cellular network composed of endogenous cannabinoids. These endogenous cannabinoids naturally occur throughout various organs in the body. They constitute the endogenous endocannabinoid system.

The team observed that when endogenous endocannabinoids are deficient, the body loses its ability to regulate the immune system’s response. This leads to unchecked neutrophil activity, which exacerbates inflammation by attacking the protective epithelium.

Microbiologist Beth McCormick, the study’s lead author, highlighted the potential of supplementing the body with exogenous cannabinoids from cannabis to mitigate or reverse inflammation.

Other Ways Cannabis Can Help the Gut

Journal of Pain and Symptom ManagementResearchers reviewed the evidence on chemotherapy-induced nausea and vomiting, where predominantly favourable outcomes appear across several studies employing diverse assessment methodologies.
Journal of Current NeuropharmacologyCannabinoids actively demonstrate clear potential in managing chemotherapy-induced diarrhea. At the same time, the endocannabinoid system (ECS) plays a role in regulating immune responses within the gastrointestinal tract to modulate inflammation in the intestines.
Evidence-Based Complimentary and Alt. MedicineChemotherapy affects the diversity and composition of the gut microbiota and results in infection, diarrhea, cachexia, weight loss, etc.
Cannabis extracts can enhance microbial diversity and richness. They also facilitate the enrichment of microbial taxa associated with promoting health.
Israel Medical Association JournalThrough interviews with patients utilizing cannabis to alleviate symptoms of Crohn’s disease, many reported a notable decrease in the severity of their symptoms. Cannabis oil emerges as a noteworthy consideration for enhancing gut health among individuals dealing with this condition.

CBD for Gut Health

CBD operates by generating cytokines and interleukins, which are necessary for alleviating bloating and fortifying the gut lining. Interleukins, acting as messengers to the immune system, prompt inflammatory responses for natural defence mechanisms.

CBD also exhibits promising potential in promoting digestive wellness by mitigating cortisol levels, thus assisting in preventing leaky gut and intestinal permeability. Cortisol, a catabolic hormone, poses a significant threat to the gastrointestinal tract’s integrity.

In addition to its anti-inflammatory properties, CBD plays a role in appetite regulation, which is beneficial for individuals combating bloating induced by overeating, check out health and wellness to learn more!

How to Use Cannabis for Digestive Health

Cannabis can play a role in supporting digestive health, but its effectiveness varies depending on the form. Cannabis products enriched with THC are known to stimulate appetite and alleviate nausea. CBD-infused products, such as tinctures and oils, can manage the pain and inflammation from chronic digestive conditions.

For quick relief, methods like smoking, tinctures, and sublingual products allow for rapid absorption. When dealing with digestive issues, take caution with edibles. These products require processing by the digestive system before becoming effective. Some edibles contain ingredients that may exacerbate digestive discomfort. Opting for alternatives like tablets, capsules, or powders can mitigate these risks and provide a more controlled approach to cannabis consumption for digestive health.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How are cannabis stores offering their products?

Dispensaries in Canada offer cannabis buds in both metric and imperial units to allow customers to choose between grams or ounces for their purchase. The smallest quantity available for buds is one gram. Edibles and capsules are available per pack, while tinctures are available per bottle.

Where do cannabis stores ship their products?

An online cannabis store ships its products to most provinces in Canada. If they offer access to same-day delivery, it’s a bonus, but generally, you can count on them shipping anywhere across Canada.

Are taxes included on the product’s price when shopping from a cannabis site?

The inclusion of taxes on the product depends on your chosen cannabis website. Some dispensaries clarify that the total price already includes taxes, while others specify that they will calculate taxes during checkout. To clarify this aspect, consider referring to the dispensaries’ frequently asked questions page or reaching out to their customer support team with any concerns.

Do online dispensaries accept cash?

It depends on the dispensary; some cannabis stores permit cash payments upon product receipt, while others opt for secure methods like Interac E-Transfer. You can confirm this by reviewing the shipping information provided on the website.

What is the appropriate age to buy cannabis?

To acquire, own, or engage with cannabis and its derivatives, adhere to the legal age requirements, which range from 18 to 19 years old, contingent upon the regulations of your specific province or territory.

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