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Low-Price Buds – Top Product Selection

Low-price buds encompass a variety of cannabis strains available at reasonable prices. It’s a flexible term that can refer to the most economical options on dispensary shelves, discounted items, or simply those that align with your budget constraints.

Opting for a low-price bud can be advantageous for sessions where quantity outweighs the need for top-tier quality. For instance, if you prefer using a bong with a sizable bowl, your weed might burn more quickly, especially if you tend to apply excessive heat inadvertently. Budget-friendly options offer a surplus of buds to enjoy without worrying about burning through your funds too swiftly.

Low-Price Buds

Affordable Buds Per Categories or Classifications

Based on Cannabis Plant Type


Indica use commonly leads to a state of relaxation, sometimes referred to as “couch lock,” where the user feels content to remain indoors and engage in leisurely activities such as watching a movie. For this reason, Indica can be similar to savouring a snifter of fine brandy at the end of the day.

Snow Leopard$24.00/ Eight (3.5 grams)24%Spicy, Woody
Cookie Kush$26.00/Eight (3.5 grams)20%Minty, Pungent, Sweet
Grandpa’s Breath$24.00/ Eight (3.5 grams)21%Grape, Lavender
Platinum Rockstar$22.00/ Eight (3.5 grams)24%Fruity, Skunky


The Sativa high, renowned for its characteristic “head high,” delivers a revitalizing surge. Its potential benefits extend to stress reduction and the enhancement of mental acuity and creative expression.

Opting for Sativa-dominant strains promises a balance to foster productivity and creativity without inducing excessive relaxation or lethargy. Beyond its individual effects, Sativa highs foster social interactions and activities.

Strawberry Cough$24.00/ Eight (3.5 grams)24%Berries, Skunky

Hybrid (Balanced)

Hybrid weed offers a nuanced blend of effects, seamlessly merging the soothing qualities of Indica strains with the invigorating sensations characteristic of Sativa varieties. This harmonious combination caters to individuals seeking a well-rounded experience without the extremes often associated with pure Indica or Sativa strains.

Apple Fritter$22.00/ Eight (3.5 grams)22%Vanilla, Apple
Bubble Gum$20.00/ Eight (3.5 grams)18%Fruity, Sweet
G Whiz$22.00/ Eight (3.5 grams)21%Sweet, Blueberry
Watermelon Zkittlez$22.00/ Eight (3.5 grams)25%Fruity, Sweet

Based on the Weed Grading System


Trips (AAA) quality weed shares numerous characteristics with Quads (AAAA), although there may be slight variations in bud density and occasional discoloration. This quality of cannabis is prevalent in the market, with a diverse array of strains and hybrids available. Many reputable online dispensaries in Canada offer this grade of weed, with prices that cater to various budgets.

Berry Bomb$18.00/ Eight (3.5 grams)21%Pine, BlueberryHybrid
Ice Cream$24.00/ Eight (3.5 grams)22%Sweet, VanillaHybrid
Kush Mints$24.00/ Eight (3.5 grams)24%Diesel, MintyIndica-Dominant
London Pound Cake$23.00/ Eight (3.5 grams)24%Berry, GrapeIndica-Dominant
Sweet Tooth$23.00/ Eight (3.5 grams)21%Fruity, SweetIndica


For the budget-conscious consumer, opting for dubs or AA-grade cannabis presents a viable choice. Though not the most premium, they surpass lower-grade options and perhaps only marginally outshine homegrown varieties. Indulging in dubs promises a pleasantly satisfying experience without burdening your finances excessively.

Master Kush Ultra$24.00/ Eight (3.5 grams)22%Diesel, SkunkyIndica-Dominant
low price buds

Saving More with Exclusive Deals

Aside from offering an affordable selection of cannabis strain products, you’ll also stumble upon various deals or promotions that can enhance your savings on every purchase.

Mix and Match Sample Pack

A mix-and-match sample pack allows you to explore the variety of strains the dispensary offers. Each pack may contain different quantities, which ranges from 1/2 ounce to 10 ounces. These packs provide the advantage of sampling diverse strains without investing too much money. By trying out various strains, you can make a well-informed decision before committing to a single one.

1/2OZ Sample Pack (AAA) – Save 20%$57.60 – $83.20Snow LeopardCali GoldBerry BombApple FrittersFarm FuelGrandpa’s BreathIce CreamKush MintsLondon Pound CakeMaster Kush UltraPlatinum RockstarStrawberry CoughSweet ToothWatermelon ZkittlesZushi
1OZ SAMPLE PACK (AAA) – SAVE 20%$112.00 – $156.80Snow LeopardCali GoldBerry BombApple FrittersFarm FuelG WhizGrandpa’s BreathIce CreamKush MintsLondon Pound CakeMaster Kush UltraPlatinum RockstarStrawberry CoughSweet ToothWatermelon ZkittlesZushi

Ounce of Weed

In terms of weight, an ounce of weed is equivalent to 28 grams. It comprises of 20-30 nugs or 28 joints. Appearances can be deceiving to the naked eye, as various strains may vary in density and weight, which may create the illusion of less flower than expected.

The price of an ounce of weed can differ, and you can find different deals online Canada. Here is a selection of $99 ounces of weed you can use to make a joint, edible, or hash.

Skywalker OG24%Hoppy, pepperHybrid Balanced
Zookies22%Diesel, NuttyIndica
G1320%Musky, PineIndica
Kush Cake24%Vanilla, LemonIndica-Dominant
Mochi22%Fruity, MintyHybrid Balanced

Find Budget-Friendly Strains Online

GrassLife provides a range of budget-friendly cannabis strains for purchase. Our selection is diverse, as we offer various promotions to reduce costs further. Simply explore our online store, click the add to your cart button, complete payment via Interac E-transfer, wait for us to confirm your order through email, and anticipate delivery via Canada Post. Should you require assistance in strain selection, our cannabis connoisseurs are readily available to assist.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do low-budget weeds contain THC or CBD?

All cannabis buds inherently contain both CBD and THC. The product description lets you discern the compounds in a cannabis strain. It will facilitate an informed choice based on your preferences and needs.

Does a low price bud mean low quality?

Not necessarily. Several factors influence product pricing. For instance, the cultivation method, supply and demand dynamics, the maturity of the product, cultivation time, and THC content can affect the pricing. Promotional sales at dispensaries can also lead to lower prices for certain strains.

How many joints can you make with an Ounce of Weed deal?

The smaller the joints, the greater the rolling potential. For those seeking quarter-gram joints, you’ll be rolling a bountiful 112 from an ounce. Opting for a mid-size joint, precisely half a gram, yields a still-impressive count of 56 joints per ounce. And those favouring a fuller gram expect a respectable 28 joints from the same quantity.

What are the benefits of buying affordable strains of cannabis?

The biggest benefit of opting for budget buds lies in their cost-effectiveness. Not only do you get your desired weed, but you also have the flexibility to indulge in other purchases or save the surplus for a rainy day. Budget buds deliver comparable effects to premium flower but at a fraction of the cost. These effects span a spectrum of relaxation, sedation, and enhanced mood commonly associated with cannabis consumption.

Can I find mail-order cheap cannabis online?

Yes, online dispensaries offer budget-friendly options for purchasing weed through mail-order. Carefully review these dispensaries’ shipping conditions to ascertain their delivery areas across Canada.

Hand Packaged
Hand Packaged
Supreme Variety
Supreme Variety
Top Quality
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