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          • Buy the Best Edibles in Canada Online

            You heard us right! Whether you’re an absolute chocoholic, or you love caramel and peanut butter, or if coconut is now your thing, we’ve got you covered. Did we also mention that we have a special hot chocolate blend? You might want to check that one if you’re looking to cozy up on edibles. And lastly, if you’re still a kid at heart, we’ve got candy.

            Supreme Variety

            Now tell me, does that sound like the best edibles shop online in Canada? We would say so, but that’s really up to you and the best way to test that theory would be to test out some of products that are listed in this category. Please be aware that our edibles feature a variety of ingredients and it is important to read the ingredients of each individual product in order to determine whether you are allergic to any of its contents (i.e. peanuts, dairy, etc.).

            Premium Quality

            We would also like to advise our customers to please use these products responsibly and start on a smaller scale in order to ensure safety as percentages of active THC extract will vary slightly from product to product. If there are any products that you would like for our dispensary to carry, please alert our staff by using the chat feature on our website.