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Potluck Extracts

Potluck gummies - CBD Edibles


Potluck stands out as a premier Canadian cannabis brand nestled in the heart of Richmond Hill, Ontario. It operates seamlessly within the expansive Sensi Brands Inc. 

The brand's core mission revolves around simplicity: delivering cannabis of exceptional quality and showcasing widely recognized products. If you appreciate premium marijuana that won't break the bank, this brand will exceed your expectations and elevate your cannabis experience.

What Potluck Has to Offer?

High-quality Products

The brand presents a range of premium products crafted with carefully selected, safe ingredients subjected to rigorous standard laboratory testing. This meticulous testing process guarantees the safety of the constituents for consumption and ensures that the cannabinoid levels are well-suited for consumer use.

Multiple Product Selection

Consumers can discover a diverse array of products tailored to their preferences. The majority of the brand's offerings are in consumable formats that provide a compelling and health-conscious alternative to traditional smoking methods. These products also boast a wide variety of forms and flavours to ensure that customers can savour the pleasures of cannabis without experiencing monotony from a single taste.

Potent Effects

Edibles wield remarkable potency, intricately interacting with the body's physiological processes. This unique characteristic facilitates a dual appeal for consumers. Discerning individuals seeking robust and enduring effects can indulge in the heightened experience offered by this particular brand. Patients relying on medical marijuana for symptom relief, especially those aiming for prolonged efficacy, find solace in the sustained impact provided by this brand.

Types of Products

Chocolate Bars

Chocolate bars contain infused cannabis extracts or oils into the chocolate blend. This meticulous process yields a reliable and measured dosage of cannabinoids in each delectable treat.


Cannabis gummies represent a delectable fusion of gummy candy and cannabinoids. These delectable treats claim their throne as the reigning champions of cannabis edibles. 

Available in a myriad of shapes, from circles and squares to rectangles, these gummies offer a diverse and enjoyable consumption experience. Some medical cannabis patients choose to use edibles due to their safe nature.


Shatter is a cannabis concentrate with a distinct glass-like texture that often fractures or “shatters” upon handling. Its appearance usually showcases a golden or amber hue. The crystalline consistency of shatter primarily results from the extract's molecules experiencing reduced agitation during the production process.

Shatter products available are hybrid and Indica.



  • Hybrid strains contain the genetics of both Sativa and Indica plants. 
  • The optimal usage time—day or night—varies depending on the prevalent effects of the specific hybrid. 
  • This strain provides a profound sense of calmness that effectively relieves stress and tension.
  • Due to its potent relaxation attributes, Indica strains are for evening consumption.

Benefits of Edibles and Concentrate Product


Consistent dosing

Mastering the art of precise dosage can be a challenging task, but edibles offer a more straightforward approach as the labelled information on the packaging provides a clear understanding of the content.

Heightened potency

Consuming an edible involves traversing the digestive tract which leads to a delayed entry into the bloodstream. This delay is often associated with heightened potency


Edibles offer a subtle and inconspicuous experience that allows enthusiasts to enjoy the plant's effects without drawing attention.

Easy to use

Smoking necessitates the use of various tools, such as a lighter for joints, which may be overwhelming for those new to cannabis. In contrast, the simplicity of consuming edibles lies in the familiarity we all have with the act of eating and drinking.



Deliver a robust and rapidly effective dose of cannabinoids that surpasses the potency and immediacy of other cannabis formulations.


Given the high THC concentration compared to traditional flower products, users can achieve a more pronounced effect with smaller doses. This not only allows for a more economical approach but also ensures that users can still relish the desired effects without overspending.

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Frequently Asked Questions 

What type of gummies does Potluck offer?

This brand provides a selection of gummies featuring THC, CBD, or a combination of both. The dosage varies for each variant, which requires a thorough review of the product packaging for accurate information on contents and usage instructions.

  • THC induces high and is great for recreational use and pain management.
  • CBD doesn’t induce psychoactive effects and can be part of your wellness routine.
  • CBD and THC can produce an entourage effect.

How to choose which product to buy?

Choosing the perfect product hinges on your taste and preferences. Pinpoint the specific effects you desire and contemplate your preferred method of consumption. If you opt for edibles, take a moment to deliberate on the flavour or type that resonates most with your palate. 

How do CBD and THC gummies work?

Blending THC and CBD offers an unparalleled method for achieving profound relaxation of the body. THC seamlessly engages with CB1 receptors and induces a soothing effect on the nervous system, while CBD adeptly binds to CB2 receptors, effectively alleviating the immune system and concurrently modulating serotonin levels. The consumption of a product featuring an equitable THC: CBD ratio elicits what experts term the entourage effect.

Do edibles taste like cannabis flower?

The flavour of cannabis is significantly milder in edibles when contrasted with alternative consumption techniques such as vaping or smoking flower. You can taste the flavour incorporated by the brand instead of the flavour of the weed strain.

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