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    • Buy the Best Shatter in Canada Online

      Smokers who are looking to upgrade to a heavier high are increasingly turning over to buying shatter online. This form of marijuana concentrate is able to pack around 80% cannabinoid content which is much more potent than its flower form.

      Supreme Variety

      If you’ve heard of dabs before, then shatter is one form of concentrate that would fall under the dabbing category. The reason it’s named shatter in Canada is because the resin cools into a golden glass sheet, similar to that of the look of candy. If you happen to drop this glass-like product, it’ll shatter, just like glass. If you’re looking for the most potent concentrate, you’ve got it right here. Our shatter is produced by Phyto Extractions, a known leader in the industry with a pure product, packed with a tasty flavour and aroma.

      Premium Quality

      Please note, all forms of concentrate have higher cannabinoid contents and therefore will have more THC & CBD ingredients than flower. It is important to start with smaller doses in order to establish what quantity is right for you. Please make sure to use these products responsibly as they are much stronger than any form of flower use. If you have any questions about which shatter product to buy, please contact our staff at the dispensary by using our chat box.