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Cannabis Flower: Effects, Benefits, and Use | GrassLife

Cannabis bud, or dried flower, is the smokable plant matter of the marijuana plant containing THC, CBD or a combination of both, depending on the strain. Data claims that there are more than 120 components in cannabis, known as cannabinoids. Most cannabinoid’s function/s are still a mystery to experts, except CBD and THC, which are very well-studied.

CBD and THC can be found in nearly all cannabis products. They are both (usually) present in dried flower that most people identify with cannabis. However, some strains may have far higher concentrations of one or the other.

Flower is the classic form of cannabis. It has been cultivated and used all across the globe for centuries. It is divided into 3 main categories: Sativa, Indica, and Hybrid. Dried flower can be smoked in multiple ways; bowls, bongs, pipes, joints, and even blunts. These methods all mainly provide the same effects with variations in the intensity of the experience.

A more relaxed and euphoric effect is related to Indica, while an uplifting and creative high is considered a Sativa. Hybrids are somewhere between the spectrum and can be more Sativa-like, Indica-Like, or balanced between the two.

The Effects of Using Marijuana Flower

While marijuana is extremely popular as a recreational substance, some studies suggest its numerous medicinal benefits, including reduction of anxiety, overcoming insomnia, increasing appetite, and even dealing with chronic pain and illnesses. The effects of dried flower can range based on many external factors. However, most users feel more relaxed and de-stressed, especially those who use it for medical purposes.

The effects depend on how you consume dried cannabis. A euphoric feeling might begin immediately and peak 10 to 30 minutes after smoking or inhaling. After approximately two hours, the sensation usually fades away.

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More About Cannabis Flower

It was reported that cannabis originated in India and the Middle East between 1400 and 2000 B.C. when it was used by early civilizations like the Scythians. These nomadic Indo-European people carried cannabis into southeast Russia and Ukraine while invading these countries for many years. Cannabis spread worldwide in the following centuries passing through Africa to reach South America in the 19th century and then being transported north to finally get to North America.

The original Indica strain of cannabis originated in India and the surrounding region. This class of cannabis has short, wide flowers that grow bushier and faster than Sativa. Sativa originated in hot, dry climates like Africa and Western Asia. These plants are taller and less stocky but can grow up to 12 ft. tall.

Hybrids are considered to be a combination of these two types and contain features of both. Another strain is Ruderalis which came from Eastern Siberia- this variety is much smaller and rarely grows past 12 inches but does so quickly. Under ideal conditions, this plant can go from seed to ready-to-harvest in less than a month.

Marijuana use quickly spread throughout the world. In modern times, marijuana plants are considered prohibited and outlawed. However, with legalization and the scores of research into its medical and therapeutic benefits, there is no more denying people access to cannabis dried flower.

How to Use Dried Cannabis?

The most typical way to use cannabis is by smoking. Depending on the amount and user, effects can begin immediately and last for one to three hours. The majority of marijuana users use one or more of the following methods to use dried cannabis:

Blaze a Joint

Smoking cannabis in joints is the most popular way of consuming dried flower. You’ll only need rolling papers, a filter (optional), and the flower. You can use a grinder, but this tool is not a requirement. After rolling the joint, light the non-filter end, take a puff through the filter, and relax.

Smoke a Blunt

A blunt is similar to a joint but is larger and allows for consumption at a much higher rate. An empty cigar wrapper or tobacco leaf loaded with flower and wrapped is the general definition of a blunt. Similar to rolling a joint, the advantage of a blunt is that all you need is blunt wrap or tobacco leaves and crushed cannabis. Light one end of the blunt after rolling it, then inhale from the other.

Use a Pipe

Using a pipe to smoke marijuana may be the cheapest and easiest way. Pipes are portable smoking devices for cannabis that are usually small, lightweight, and simple to use. Break the flower into pieces, put it in the pipe bowl, and slowly inhale the smoke through the mouthpiece. Pipes are efficient and handy tools for marijuana users, which makes them perfect for a trip or discreet usage.

Hit a Bong

A bong is a water pipe with a bowl, a down-stem, a mouthpiece, and a chamber partially filled with water. Bongs are perfect if you want to reduce the sting and roughness of the smoke you breathe. Use a bong by adding enough water to the chamber to cover the end of the down-stem.

Fill the bowl to the rim with ground flower. Place your lips over the mouthpiece and light the bowl-shaped flower- inhale with discretion as the smoothness of a bong hit allows for consuming at a much higher rate than other methods.

More Benefits of Smoking Cannabis Flower

Support Relaxation and Recovery

Users who regularly ingest marijuana know its potent power to induce relaxation and healing. Weed helps in shifting attention from stress to recovery by promoting our body to reach the proper mental state to begin the healing process.

Reduce PTSD, Anxiety and more

Weed is frequently used by people to treat their anxiety and post-traumatic stress disorder or PTSD. Many users report a significant anxiety reduction, especially while in highly social settings. Numerous additional medical conditions, including autoimmune and inflammatory disorders, are also treated with marijuana.

Improve Quality of Life

Cannabis may not effectively treat the primary symptoms of a condition such as cancer, however, it can enhance a person’s quality of life– according to consistent findings from several trials. In other words, marijuana allows people with debilitating conditions to suffer less from the associated side effects.

Types of Cannabis Flower | GrassLife

Flower comes in three main varieties: Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid. Each of these strains meets particular needs, provides different effects, and offers specific benefits. Here is a close-up view of each of these three dried flower varieties:


This strain boosts the user’s energy creating an uplifting effect and is best to take it during the daytime. Sativa’s have been known to increase creativity, make mundane tasks tolerable, and allows the user to function at a high level.

The most popular strains of Sativa are French Cookies, Durban Poison, and Panama Red. They all have high THC levels.


Indica’s provide a relaxing and euphoric effect. They are best when a user intends to wind down at the end of the night—patients with insomnia like consuming this strain for its ability to induce drowsiness and sleep.

The top-rated Indica weed strains include Top Gun, Afghani, and Frosted Cake. These all contain relatively high THC concentrations.


Hybrid’s are the grey area of flower. While Indica and Sativa represent extremes on the uplifting to euphoric effects spectrum, hybrids are found anywhere in between.

There are types of Hybrid strains: Indica-dominant, Sativa-dominant, or balanced. Popular strains of Hybrid include Royal Gorilla, Donkey Breath, and Cadillac Cookies.

Dosage Recommendation

Different weed has different amounts of cannabinoids. Therefore, you must be careful when using flower strains with high THC since they can induce anxiety or other negative effects for inexperienced users.

The best way when using flower is to check or confirm the packaging for dosing accuracy. Look at the THC percentage present to determine the effect you will expect.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) have therapeutic benefits?

THC has several medicinal purposes in addition to its recreational applications. Patients with cancer receiving chemotherapy benefit most from its anti-emetic qualities, which prevent nausea. THC is also beginning to be used in curing adults with anorexia and other eating disorders since it stimulates hunger and decreases the vomiting reflex.

What is the Difference Between THC and CBD?

CBD can come from hemp or marijuana plants; however, it is most commonly derived from hemp to prevent the addition of excessive levels of THC. On the other hand, THC is present in marijuana.

CBD derived from marijuana may include more THC than CBD derived from hemp, which may not be suitable for those attempting to avoid THC.

What is the Best Marijuana Flower?

Choosing the best strain depends on what effect you want to achieve. For example, find Indica strains like Bubba Kush on a reliable website or shop if you want a highly relaxing effect.

However, if you want a high that will give you energy without the potential for tiredness, go for Sativa-rich flower like French Cookies.

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