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Twisted Extracts stands out in the market of cannabis-infused products as they offer a delectable range of weed edibles. Their edible selection guarantees a pure and enjoyable experience that caters to both medicinal and recreational preferences. 

All of these cannabis edibles undergo rigorous testing at an accredited laboratory. This ensures that consumers can trust the reliability and safety of each product's dosage.

What does the Twisted Extracts Brand Contains?

The flagship product of the brand is undoubtedly their Jelly bombs. This enticing assortment of cannabis edibles boasts a rich combination of full-spectrum CBD and THC.

A full-spectrum cannabis extract represents a concentrated form of the marijuana plant that effectively preserves its inherent compounds. Beyond just THC and CBD, a full-spectrum extract encompasses terpenes, minor cannabinoids, flavonoids, and other natural marijuana compounds. 

The extraction process demands meticulous precision, contributing to the end product's higher cost. However, the result is an exceptionally aromatic and flavourful product that rivals the sensory experience of pure marijuana flower.

Benefits of Consuming Full-Spectrum vs. Distillate Edibles





THC, CBD, and other minor cannabinoids


Entourage Effect

More potent and well-rounded experience

Focus on one effect or benefit only 

Enhanced Benefits



Experience/ Effects

Balanced and not overwhelming

Side effects may occur when consumed in extremely high doses

How Does THC and CBD Feel?

THC induces the psychoactive effect commonly described as euphoria. While some individuals appreciate this effect, a larger number of people turn to cannabis for therapeutic reasons rather than seeking a euphoric experience. CBD induces tranquillity without causing impairment.

Combining THC and CBD results in the phenomenon called the entourage effect. The entourage effect underscores the enhanced benefits derived from consuming all the compounds present in the cannabis plant. While this synergy is noteworthy, the advantages of combining THC with CBD extend beyond this phenomenon.

Best Uses


  • Allows a heightened sense of focus through the practice.
  • A mild high allows for a deeper connection to one's breath and thoughts.

Pain Management


  • CBD induces sleep, while THC helps maintain a restful sleep. 

Explore Twisted Extracts’ Effects at GrassLife

GrassLife offers a selection of Twisted Extracts for you to experience the effects of this cannabis edibles brand. Conveniently complete your purchase through our user-friendly online store using your preferred device. Rest assured, we prioritize swift order processing to ensure your selected products reach your doorstep while you enjoy the comfort of your home.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the effects of Jelly Bomb edibles?

The impact of jelly bomb edibles mirrors that of other edible varieties, with the differentiating factor lying in the dosage. Each square of the jelly bomb edibles offer contains a moderate 10mg dosage. This level of potency suits individuals with a higher THC tolerance.

How do I know which product suits me?

If you're new to exploring cannabis, begin with CBD or products with 1:1 THC and CBD. It's also advisable to start with a conservative dosage that ranges from 5 to 10 mg. The inclusion of CBD in 1:1 gummies counteracts any potential feelings of anxiety which may occur when consuming higher amounts of THC.

What strains are available?

You can find Sativa and Indica strains. Many individuals experience Sativa strains as invigorating, energizing, and conducive to heightened focus. On the other hand, Indica has a relaxing, sedative effect, and it may stimulate appetite. 

What makes this edible better than other cannabis products?

  1. Choosing edibles as a method of consuming cannabis is a healthier alternative.
  2. They offer a longer duration of effects that last approximately 7 to 12 hours compared to smoking.
  3. The discreet nature of edibles makes them appealing, especially in a social context where lingering stigma may still exist.
  4. Edibles tend to produce more of a body high.

Can I buy your products anywhere in Canada?

Yes. You can find various cannabis products, including this reputable brand, available through our online store. Our shipping services cover most locations within Canada, but customers must be of legal age.

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