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Buy Hash Online in Canada: More Potent Than Cannabis

Hash, also called hashish, is a substance rich in THC and can produce a desired intoxicating effect. GrassLife offers high-quality pure hash concentrates that are accessible to individuals seeking this type of product.

GrassLife is the ultimate virtual hub for Canadians seeking all sorts of cannabis products. Based in Vancouver, we provide you with a plethora of premium brands and top-notch CBD products that elevate your senses and soothe your soul.

Experience our extensive selection of cannabis strains and products – ranging from aromatic buds to tantalizing cannabis concentrates.

Our products serve therapeutic purposes in addition to recreational use. Our aim is to provide the best products and services that bring a smile to our customers. Each package is carefully hand-packed and safely delivered to your doorstep to ensure a seamless experience.

All About Hash Concentrates

Hash concentrates, or sometimes marijuana concentrates, are cannabis extracts from the resinous glands of the plant. This cannabis plant surface is removed and processed to form brown or dark green concentrates.


Hashish, derived from the Arabic term for grass, has been in existence for centuries, with its use dating back as early as 900 AD. It is believed that cannabis farmers were the first to discover this potent substance.

Marijuana concentrates come in various forms and are used worldwide. The development and experimentation with these concentrates date back to the Napoleonic era, and their use continued until marijuana was banned. Today, some countries and states have legalized the use of cannabis concentrates for both recreational and medical purposes.

How Are They Made?

Hash is considered the original cannabis concentrate and has been used for a long time, predating the popular marijuana brownies that people are familiar with.

The process of creating hash marijuana concentrates involves physically manipulating the trichomes of cannabis extract and altering the temperature without the use of solvents or chemicals.

The traditional method involves rubbing the harvested plant material with one’s hands to create a sticky residue that forms a resinous concentrate.

Modern hash differs from traditional hash in terms of production methods and resulting concentrates, despite having similar effects and characteristics.

The contemporary method commonly utilizes mechanized sieves or pressurized machines using ice, enabling a faster and more efficient process that yields a variety of hash concentrates.

Different Types of Marijuana Concentrates

With the availability of cannabis concentrates for recreational use, beginners may be curious to learn more about this product. As there are various types of concentrates available, it may be helpful to explore and identify the other main types of cannabis concentrates.


Shatter, a cannabis concentrate, has a stable and glass-like appearance and tends to shatter into small fragments. One of the available forms of shatter is Butane Hash Oil (BHO).


To create a crumble, a concentrate similar to Butane Hash Oil is necessary. The wax undergoes a vacuuming process, transforming it into a soft and brittle substance that easily crumbles. The resulting crumble can be broken down into sizes suitable for dabbing.


Wax is a yellowish-brown cannabis concentrate that can be used with a water vaporizer. However, it is also the stickiest concentrate, requiring a dab tool for easy handling.


There are various types of cannabis oil, including concentrate oils, that are produced using carbon dioxide instead of butane. As a result, these oils have a runny consistency and are often available in syringes. It is worth noting that concentrate oils have a different taste than Butane Hash Oil.

Water Hash

This type stands out among other cannabis concentrates with its flexibility to produce a diverse range of products. The process involves mixing marijuana, whether dry or fresh-frozen, with cold water and ice.

The mixture is then manually or mechanically manipulated to break off the now-brittle trichome and resin, resulting in a water hash concentrate.


Rosin is a cannabis concentrate made from dried marijuana flowers, trim, or low-quality water hash. It can be easily made at home using a hair straightener and parchment paper.

Apply pressure with your hands to the marijuana and parchment paper, and you’ll have a concentrate that resembles high-quality water hash or shatter.

Benefits of Hash Concentrates

Cannabis concentrates are extremely potent products with a high THC content that may reach up to 80%. They are commonly used for medical purposes and may be prescribed by a doctor.

These concentrates are made up of various terpenes, which provide an enhanced aroma and flavour, as well as cannabinoids that can produce a high and provide the benefits of cannabis.

Easy to Use

They are simple cannabis concentrate that can be quickly consumed through dabbing to get immediate effects without a lengthy process.


Cannabis concentrates are more long-lasting than buds. A small amount of concentrate provides a rich high experience that lasts longer, saving you the need to purchase frequently.

Less Odorous

Concentrates are less smelly than smoking buds, making them a better option for those who prefer to be discreet.

More Options

They come in various forms, allowing you to select the one that best fits your needs. With varying THC levels, you can choose the perfect concentrate to suit your preferences.

Therapeutic Effects

Known to provide therapeutic effects due to their high THC content, which quickly induces a psychoactive effect. They can enhance mood, stimulate creativity, and alleviate a range of medical conditions.

Since they are rich in THC, it intensely impacts various medical disorders like
relief from chronic pain, multiple sclerosis, nausea, migraine, etc.

Different Types of Hash Concentrates

Hash is a concentrated form of cannabis formed by extracting the resin from the trichomes of the marijuana plant. Trichomes can be dried and smoked as a powdery substance known as kief, but applying low heat and high pressure can form a hash.

There are several methods of extracting and producing hash, each resulting in varying potency. These methods involve extracting the trichomes and resin through different techniques.

Bubble Hash

To make a bubble hash, pile filtration bags with a cannabis flower and ice water. Next, intense stirring separates the trichomes and resin from the plant material.

After filtration, the resin and trichomes are collected to form blocks. These blocks are weighed carefully and packed for dispensaries to sell.

Dry Ice Hash

It’s similar to the ice hash method, but no water is involved. The dry ice melts and turns to carbon dioxide and evaporates. So, the trichomes and resin are dry and ready for separation and pressing.

Dry ice is a popular method for extracting trichomes and resin. Compared to ice hash, hash made with dry ice is said to be more potent and cleaner by those who use it.

Dry Sift Hash

This method involves chopping and sifting a mixture of cannabis plants’ buds and trims through a layer of filters, followed by multiple filtration methods. Low heat and pressure are then applied. No ice or water is required.

Dosage Recommendation

It is always ideal to start with a lower dose to find the right dosage for you. Even though hash is not as potent as other marijuana concentrates, proper dosing is still important due to its strength. The effects can be influenced by various factors such as age, sex, tolerance, and medications.

The product label can help you determine the recommended dose. Dispensaries also display the cannabinoid and terpene levels for each product. Solventless concentrates, such as hash, have lower THC concentrations compared to solvent-based concentrates.

Buy Hash Concentrates at GrassLife Now

Online dispensary like GrassLife offers various hash concentrate products. All of our concentrates are laboratory-tested and contain only the best source of weed. We source our products from a reputable cannabis industry for a better customer experience.

We have a fast delivery time and the lowest cost possible across Canada. We also ensure that your orders are hand-packed to receive them fresh and safely at your doorstep.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Hash and Concentrate?

A cannabis concentrate is a product from the cannabis plant that undergoes a process to extract the trichomes and resin. The extraction method is ideal for maintaining the most desirable amount of cannabinoids and terpenes.

Hash, on the other hand, is an example of a marijuana concentrate. An overwhelming amount of concentrate can intimidate first-time users. The method used to create the product can affect its potency.

Do Concentrates Get You Higher than Cannabis Flower?

Yes, concentrates are typically more potent than cannabis flowers, which means they can provide a stronger and more intense high.

While both cannabis flowers and concentrates offer therapeutic benefits, the experiences they provide can be different. Cannabis flower is ideal for those seeking a traditional consumption method, while concentrates are known for their higher THC levels.

The most notable distinctions between the two are potency and flavour. The primary benefit of having a cannabis flower over concentrates is that they are tastier than typical extraction procedures.

Are Hash and Wax the Same Thing?

Hash and wax are both cannabis concentrates, but they have different properties. However, both products contain high THC levels.

You can use hash for smoking since it has a pressed powder-like substance. Meanwhile, wax requires a specialized vaporizer with a heating chamber. However, you can use a portable e-cigarette or vaporizer to use wax.

Weed wax has a higher potency than hash, containing up to 90% THC level. Hence, making it an appealing marijuana product for therapeutic purposes.

How to Use Cannabis Concentrates?

Like using cannabis buds, there are different ways you can use concentrates. Once you have discovered what works for you, you can consume these extracts in multiple ways.


You can sprinkle your concentrate on a bowl or joint. Some users also prefer pipes or vapes when using hash or kief.


Dabbing is a method standard for concentrates like shatter, wax, rosin, and taffy. It has an intense effect than using cannabis flowers. Therefore, it is required to start with a low dose.

You’ll need a unique oil rig for your water pipe to dab. This arrangement, which includes a nail, dome, dabber, and flame, replaces the traditional bowl for flowers. You can use ceramic, quartz, or titanium for the nail.

With the torch, heat the nail until it reaches the desired temperature. After heating the nail, it’s a good idea to let it cool for around 10 seconds. Then, using the dabber, place a tiny amount of concentrate on the heated nail, cover it with the dome to prevent any product from escaping, then inhale through your water pipe.

Cannabis Edibles

You can use cannabis oils to create edibles. You can add them to baked goods, cocktails, etc. They give a body high effect that can be beneficial for therapeutic purposes.

Cannabis Topical

There are concentrates specifically designed for treating skin conditions, pain, and inflammation. These products are highly effective in their therapeutic properties and do not cause any psychoactive effects, visit GrassLife – online dispensary Canada<"/"> today to learn more!

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