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Best Cannabis Accessories That Fit Your Lifestyle

GrassLife offers the best products to make your experience with cannabis enjoyable and efficient. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced user, our selection of carefully curated products will help you find the perfect item for your needs. From stylish pipes and bongs to discreet vape pens and rolling papers, GrassLife has everything you need to enjoy a smooth smoking experience. 

We also offer helpful advice on how to use each product safely and effectively so that you can get the most out of them. With GrassLife’s top-of-the-line accessories, you’ll be sure to have an awesome session, no matter your mode of consumption.

The Value of Smoking Accessories

Smoking is fun, but we recommend switching up your smoking accessories and expanding your knowledge of the various ways to blaze. You can upgrade this pastime with new methods to enhance your sessions.

Purchase a variety of spares for your smoking kit. Lighters, Sifter Boxes, Dab Pads, and glass Bongs are available in various designs, styles, and colours. Jars for your stash and a wide variety of papers to suit all tastes. Add some mixture to your life to improve your smoking experience.

Continue reading to learn about the most common cannabis accessories.

Common Cannabis Accessories

Similar to the numerous ways cannabis can be consumed, multiple accessories and devices are available to aid in having a positive experience with cannabis. Remember that there is no “best” way to take your medication; what works for one patient or recreational user may not work for you.

The following list is only a tiny sample of the hundreds of auxiliary cannabis accessories that may be purchased from an internet store to make your cannabis smoking experience more enjoyable.

Dry Pipes


A favourite among both new and experienced users. A flame is placed directly on the herb, which fills the large bowl. One can inhale smoke into the chamber with a finger covering the carb (the side hole), then remove their finger and inhale more smoke.

Glass pipes

They are typically used to smoke a smaller amount of dried flower. Cannabis is placed into the bowl, and a flame is applied to the herb. Unlike a traditional pipe, glass pipes can be made into a variety of shapes and configurations.

Water Pipes

Bong or Bubbler

To use this smoking device, there are three essential components: the base, downstem, and bowl. The base is filled with water until it covers the holes in the downstem. Then, the dried herb is placed in the bowl, which is inserted into the downstem. To inhale the smoke, one must draw it into the base of the flower before removing the bowl piece and inhaling the remaining smoke.


Pax 3

The Pax 3 is a versatile vaporizer that works with both dry herbs and concentrates. Its bottom chamber can be filled with either option, and the temperature can be easily adjusted to achieve the desired vaporization level.

PuffCo Peak

The PuffCo Peak is an excellent substitute for traditional dab rigs. The chamber is filled with water, and the Peak is set to the desired temperature. The concentrate is placed in the bowl before heating and covering it with the carb cap. 

As the Peak heats up, inhale the vapours until the concentrate is depleted. It is important to clean with a cotton swab after each dab to maintain the taste quality for future dabs. 

PuffCo Plus

The PuffCo Plus is an excellent concentrate pen with multiple heat settings and easy-to-use controls. Load the concentrate into the chamber, choose a heat setting, and you’re ready to go! The coil-free design keeps things neat and simple to use.

Rolling Papers

Rolling paper is used to roll a joint. Rolling the perfect joint takes time, but having a variety of papers and filter options can help. It is advised to experiment with different papers to determine which ones work best for you and to be patient when first learning. 

Re-Stash Jars

These jars are an efficient way to keep cannabis from drying out. The set includes a Mason jar, a silicone koozie, and a lid to prevent children from opening it.


Herb grinders are typically sold in sets of two or four. Place the herb between the two pieces of a two-piece grinder and grind until desired. Place the herb between the two top pieces of a four-piece grinder and grind until the herb has fallen through to the middle section. 

Then, open the middle section to reveal the herb, which can be emptied and used. The bottom section is a kief collector, collecting dried resin glands as they fall off dried material. This kief can be gathered and saved for future use.

Buy Cannabis Accessories at GrassLife!

Looking to enhance your cannabis experience with top-quality accessories? GrassLife has got you covered. Our online smoke shop in Canada offers everything you need to take your smoking game to the next level. From sleek, stylish bongs to top-of-the-line grinders and rolling papers, we have the goods to help you get the most out of your experience. 

Sol – 400 MAh Vape Battery (510 Thread)

This Sol Lithium-Ion battery and USB charger set provide a convenient way to use your Sol vape pen. The pen includes a thin battery pack as well as a USB charger.

Sol 400 mAh battery has a 510 connection and is compatible with all 510 cartridges. Screw on the USB charger to charge the device, and hold down the power button while inhaling to begin your journey after attaching your cartridge and selecting your power setting.

Brightbay Stainless Steel Dabber 160mm Chrome

Enhance your dabbing experience with the BrightBay Stainless Steel Dab Tool! This expertly crafted 6″ dabber tool perfectly adds to your concentrate kit. Enjoy high-quality stainless steel construction with every tool.

Carbon Banker Pouch – LARGE

These heavy-duty carbon pouches provide maximum odour-proof storage for any odour-emitting substance. In addition, the carbon liner on this product will conceal any unwanted smell from your supply.

GRASS – Rolling Tray

Your coffee table is not to roll on! We at GrassLife have got you covered. Our original swag is here for your pleasure with our rolling metal trays! So say goodbye to sticky table tops.

Juicy Jay’s – Hemp Papers (1.25 Inch) – Blueberry

Juicy Jay’s 1 1/4″ Rolling Papers maximize the taste of the flavours in each paper. Juicy Jay’s uses a proprietary “triple-dipped” flavouring system that allows the entire paper to be fully flavoured instead of just the gum strip, like many other brands. Made in Spain, the birthplace of rolling paper, these pure hemp papers are printed with soy ink to help ensure a slow, smooth, even burn.

Twisted Tips Terpene Infused Filters

Choose from five deliciously smooth flavours. Each pack includes two filter tips for endless flavoured fun. The tips will enhance the smoke with a delicate touch of flavour and infused terpenes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Humidity Important in Preserving Medical Cannabis?

There is an acceptable humidity range that is ideal for preserving cannabis. If there’s too much humidity present, it could lead to mould and harmful contaminant growth. While too little humidity will cause cannabis to dry up and result in a loss of essential cannabinoids. The sweet spot is usually between 54% to 63% relative humidity. Patients don’t have to worry about being exact.

How to Store Cannabis?

As long as patients keep their cannabis secured in a cool, dark, and dry location away from direct light, the cannabis will stay adequately preserved. As for containers, patients can choose to store their medical cannabis in the original container or a glass mason jar if the original packaged container is lost or damaged. Ideal storage locations include drawers and cabinets.

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