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Every day, more people in New Brunswick search to find the best online cannabis store. Let us help put those days of comparing sites and stores behind you by offering you the absolute best choice. GrassLife supplies the highest-quality cannabis and cannabis products online at unbeatable prices. Additionally, we offer the best promos, discounts, freebies and even prizes, making us hands down, your best bet.

The cannabis culture in New Brunswick has come a long way in recent years. From users being treated like low-key criminals to acceptance and understanding of cannabis use- we have seen massive changes in the past couple decades. Marijuana can now be bought in New Brunswick free and legally, as it can be in all other cities and provinces, nationwide. 

Order Weed Online in New Brunswick

Our clients order our products for a variety of reasons:


Patients use our online cannabis dispensary to treat pain, discomfort, stomach cramps, severe headaches, insomnia, and a variety of other chronic ailments. Without online ordering capabilities, people who need these products the most may have difficulty or hardship in obtaining their medication.


Our products are designed to make a good time even better. Our cannabis products come in a variety of doses and fun ways to consume. From flower to concentrates to amazing weed edibles, you will never run out of ways to enjoy.


For some of our clients, anxiety, depression, PTSD and various other mental issues are kept at bay with cannabis products. On the other end of the spectrum, workaholics and those whose professional and/or personal life requires high levels of mental function, utilize online weed to effectively dampen their brain activity- these consumers generally have difficulty in shutting off their mind at the end of the day. Cannabis affects each individual differently and it is always advised to consult a professional prior to medicating for any reason. 

Best Online Dispensary Canada

When you browse through the multitude of online weed sources, it can be discouraging and deceptive when so many advertise that they are the best and 9/10 do not deliver on their promises. With GrassLife, you always get the highest value for your investment. We offer free gifts with every purchase, the best cannabis products and absolutely unbeatable prices. Also, every purchase has a chance to win one of our random prizes, and/or be eligible for amazing on-site sales, discounts, and promos. It doesn’t get much better than GrassLife.

Finally, our fulfillment, shipping, packaging and all around customer service are head and shoulders above the competition. When it comes to best online dispensaries in Canada BC, we strive everyday, to be known as the very best. Visit best weed in Canada for legit online dispensary.

Best Prices in Cannabis Products – New Brunswick

GrassLife, the best place to buy marijuana in New Brunswick. We offer the easiest, safest, and most practical way to get high quality cannabis from the comfort of your home. You can order a variety of marijuana strains, concentrates weed, live resin, edibles, CBD oil Canada, and other high-quality products and rest assured that you will find only the best prices at GrassLife. check out best strains of weed in Canada today!

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Our Vision for the Cannabis Industry

We are forever grateful for our loyal customers, but we are still always trying to level up, for example, improving our online customer service. Many people in New Brunswick have found us and chosen us to be their online dispensary. We will continue to improve and offer the best products at the best prices, with GrassLife, you can never go wrong.

As Cannabis advocates from the early days and staunch supporters of making marijuana and associated products accessible to everyone, we have made it our mission to ensure that no one is left behind. We have budget buds and products for those with lighter pockets and the finest AAAA-quality products for our more discerning clients. No matter who you are or where you come from, if you need great weed, we got you. Check out other strains like AA and AAA strain and so much more.

New Brunswick, Canada – Best Online Marijuana Dispensary – High Quality & Low-priced Cannabis Products

Thousands of Canadian cannabis consumers look for medical and recreational marijuana and other high-quality cannabis products daily and turn to GrassLife to for their needs. We set up our business so that our clients always come first. We provide the best discounts in New Brunswick to ensure that we continue to be this Province’s chosen source.

Our hard-working team and friendly staff work daily to source and stock the best cannabis and related products for our clients. Our team chooses and tests every cannabis product on our site to ensure we deliver only the best, buy edibles online ship anywhere.

High-Quality Cannabis Dispensary in Canada

Our high-quality marijuana flowers and strains come from growers where only the best plants are found. Our vendors are chosen carefully based on how well they meet our quality standards. Before getting permission from the dispensary, each farmer must use organic farming methods and send samples of their crops to be tested in a third party lab, to ensure the product is what they say it is.

Find the lowest prices online! When you place your first order, you may be able to get discounts, weekly deals, free shipping, and other special offers. Also, we offer the best prices on our many different kinds of variety packs.

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Cannabis Industry – Discounts & Lowest Price Guarantee!

Can you place an order through a website for an online dispensary? You can’t look anywhere else but here. GrassLife sells cannabis flowers, vape pens, sativa strains, dried cannabis, cannabis accessories and pre-rolled joints. We want to save you money, that’s why we offer our lowest price guarantee on all the products we carry.

Large Selection of Free Gifts

GrassLife gives away all kinds of cannabis products with almost every order; candy, pre-rolled joints, THC vape pen, and weed. The more you buy, the more free stuff you get.


Is smoking permitted in public places in Brunswick?

In 2017, the government of Brunswick established the Smoke-Free Brunswick Act due to the dangers of secondhand smoke. This law prohibits the initiation of smoking or the use of electronic cigarettes in enclosed public venues and other defined Brunswick locales.

Where to buy edibles in Brunswick?

Only purchase treats from reputable marijuana retailers with a solid reputation, such as GrassLife. This is a valuable guideline to follow while purchasing any cannabis products.

Is it legal in Brunswick and British Columbia, Canada, to sell marijuana?

You can now legally buy cannabis. The Cannabis Act imposes stringent regulations across the country regarding the cultivation, sale, purchase, and possession of cannabis.

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