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Tasty Edible Cannabis for Your Sweet Tooth

The variety of cannabis edibles on the market is wide and growing exponentially. Gummies, brownies, cookies, hard candies, mints, beverages, capsules, soluble pills, and more are accessible. Exploring these options may be a wonderful experience, but edibles can also be tempting because of how much longer their effects endure than inhaling cannabis. There is also no going back once you consume them.

Cannabis edibles are another way to enjoy your marijuana product with an incredible and long-lasting high. Boost your energy with CBD-rich edibles, or lay down and chill with THC products. You can enjoy cannabis sweetly and deliciously because online dispensaries offer high-quality and premium edibles that are lab-tested and sourced locally.

The online brands range from different strains and potencies. So, you get to choose one that will fit your liking. We ensure that all our edible cannabis products are of the highest quality.

What are Cannabis Edibles?

Cannabis edibles online canada look enticing as they come in tasty snack forms like gummies, chocolate bars, candies, brownies, etc. Products containing cannabinoids that you may eat or drink are considered edible cannabis. When ingested, cannabinoids—the main chemical elements found in cannabis—can impact your body and mind. A cannabinoid called THC makes people feel happy and high while a non-intoxicating cannabinoid called CBD may offer a wide range of medicinal advantages.

The use of edibles is marketed as a method to unwind and treat certain medical conditions, most commonly pain and sleep disorders. Additionally, some evidence indicates that they could be highly beneficial. A detailed 2017 assessment from the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine found strong evidence that cannabis can help lessen chronic pain symptoms and intermediate data that it can assist with short-term sleep difficulties brought on by specific medical conditions.
Marijuana edibles may seem like a new cannabis product, but they have been known for centuries. They were used in traditional drinks for healing purposes thousands of years ago in India and Meso-America. It is only in modern times that we have so many options due to advanced infusion methods and technology.

How to Choose the Best Cannabis Edible

Even though edibles are considered accessible, entering a dispensary for the first time might be stressful. You may discover infused capsules, lollipops, candy, chocolate bars, baked goods, beverages, distillate, and more if you quickly scan the edibles selection or browse the categories. But you don’t have to worry, there’s a simple way for you to decide on your treats.

Consider the Cannabinoid You Want to Try

There are two forms of cannabinoids present in cannabis plants: THC and CBD. These active ingredients are why a person gets high on marijuana. However, other cannabinoids are also present that contribute to the effects of the plant. THC is the classic cannabinoid in weed. It’s what gives the high psychoactive experience. The feeling of getting high with THC is described as euphoric, relaxing, and boosts creativity.

Meanwhile, CBD is famous for its less psychoactive effects. Instead, they affect the brain differently by providing a calm feeling that can make you fall asleep. They are better at addressing anxiety, which makes them the best option for first-time users. But, some edibles offer an equal amount of THC and CBD. The THC high is mellow and won’t induce paranoia or anxiety due to the presence of CBD.

Administer the Right Dose

After picking the type of cannabinoid you want, it’s time to decide on the significant amount. You can start by taking a small dose (mg) of THC edibles. 10 mg of THC is considered a low dose for most. You can add more to your dose if there is no effect from 30 minutes to two hours. It’s better to start with a low dose than panic with a high amount and not enjoy your trip. For CBD edibles, you can start at higher levels, since CBD doesn’t react like THC, the dose can be slightly higher.

Choose Your Marijuana Edible Product

You can choose sweet treats like gummies, chocolate bars, and brownies. These products will take around 30 minutes to two hours before effects occur. You can also try beverage cannabis, which is fast-acting for high-tolerance consumers. Since they are digested more quickly, effects take place faster.

Wait for the Results

When taking edible cannabis, cannabinoids need some time to absorb into the bloodstream. Depending on some factors, it can take as long as 30 minutes to two hours. But once you start feeling high, it can last several hours.

However, if you don’t feel any effects after 2 hours, you can take a small amount. Or you can wait for 24 hours before experimenting on a larger dose. The best and safest tip is to start low and increase the dose slowly. But ensure to read labels to know the amount of cannabinoids present.

Benefits of Edible Cannabis Products

Like other forms of cannabis, users can benefit from ingesting edible cannabis. There are some advantages that ingestible marijuana shares with other products like buds and concentrates. It may appear like marijuana edibles are a new addition, given the number of weed gummies and chocolates available on the market. What are the benefits of cannabis edibles compared to other products available on the market, given that they have been popular for a long time?

No Respiratory Risk

You don’t have to smoke cannabis to enjoy them. Edibles can allow you to keep your lungs safe from the carcinogenic and harmful effects of smoking. It is also an excellent option for those who do not smoke.

Effects Last Longer

THC from edible cannabis remains in your body for longer than after smoking or vaping cannabis since it takes a while for your body to process it. Compared to when cannabis is smoked or vaped, the effects of ingestion last longer. With lingering effects that can continue for up to 24 hours, the results can persist for up to 12 hours.

Taste Better

They are easier to consume and taste better. Since this marijuana product comes in different forms in flavour, you can enjoy delectable chocolate or get a punch from sour gummies.

Health Benefits

Like all marijuana products, many users will enjoy edibles’ health benefits. Whether you are using CBD or THC products, they are great for relieving stress, boosting mood, alleviating pain, increasing appetite, etc.

Medical marijuana users might find a variety of possible benefits and alleviation from cannabis edibles. Patients utilize edibles for a variety of reasons, including:

Types of Edibles

Cannabis edibles come in different forms, flavours, and potencies. You can enjoy them the way you want.

Buy edibles online cannabis here at Grasslife. We have a wide selection of edibles on our online shelves. You can try Jelly Bombs by Twisted Extracts, heart-shaped gummies by Trippy Treats, and infused chocolate from Potluck.

We also have OneStop Gummies with 500mg THC that come in different flavours: Cherry lime, Pineapple, Apple Green, and more.

Dosage Recommendation

Since edibles can be identified as THC or CBD, they have different dosing guides. Before you decide on how to consume your edibles, read the label. Check the amount of CBD or THC per serving so you can guide how to portion your edibles. The only rule for choosing the correct dose is to start low and slowly.

After taking your first dose, you can wait 30 minutes to two hours to experience the effect. If you haven’t achieved the desired result, you can add more and patiently wait. THC edibles are more intense than smoking cannabis, so be careful when taking the product. 10 to 15 mg of edibles can cause mild euphoria. So, if it is your first time, go lower than that.

Buy Cannabis Edibles at Grasslife

Don’t smoke but want to try weed? Edible cannabis products are your best option. Grasslife proudly offers high-quality and lab-tested brands of delicious treats to satisfy your cravings and level up your cannabis experience.

Our edible cannabis products are all sourced from reputable manufacturers here in Canada. With accurately measured THC and CBD components, you can choose any edible dose you want. You can choose among our premium items and get them delivered to your doorsteps – fresh and secured.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Best Edible?

Consuming cannabis in edible form is the best way to avoid smoking. However, since weed edibles come in different types and potencies, choosing the best depends on the user.

If you are looking for cannabis-infused items that will give you an energy-boosting high, choose THC-dominant edibles. Meanwhile, CBD gives a non-intoxicating effect and is best for chronic pain, increased appetite, and anxiety.

How Long do Cannabis Edibles Last?

The exact length of the effects of marijuana edibles varies. It ranges from five to six hours.

The differences in weed effects’ onset, peak, and coming-down are due to multiple factors—for example, body weight, type of edible, dose, mechanism, etc. If you are a beginner, always start low with your dose.

Which is Better, Smoking or Ingesting Cannabis?

There are plenty of cannabis products available, and users can enjoy them in many ways. However, two of the most popular methods of using weed edible are smoking or eating.

Smoking has its advantages and disadvantages. When you smoke cannabis, you can get an instant high effect. However, the result doesn’t last long due to its instant onset. You can make it last longer when you increase the dose.

Ingesting cannabis, however, has a more prolonged onset and potentiation. Another advantage of edibles is avoiding the harmful effects on your lungs when inhaling smoke.

Do cannabis extracts treat medical conditions?

The short answer is yes. Cannabis consumption is beneficial for treating nausea, vomiting, and some forms of pain and boosting appetite, according to reliable data from laboratory tests and well-planned clinical trials.

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