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Potluck Extracts

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Potluck Extracts – Raspberry Gummies – 200mg THC

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Developed in collaboration between the most notable pioneers in the Canadian cannabis extracts industry, Potluck Gummies are crafted with care, diligence, and precision. Created with the modern cannabis connoisseur in mind, Potluck’s mission is to provide unrelenting quality at an accessible price, without compromising purity and taste. Made using only top quality full spectrum cannabis oil and all-natural flavours, each gummy contains 20mg of THC.

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13 reviews for Potluck Extracts – Raspberry Gummies – 200mg THC

  1. colewanchulak81 (verified owner)

    Potluck always puts out great products, rhis gummies are perfext for lazing out on the couch after a long day and turning on a comedy, would definitely recommend

  2. Samara Neufeld (verified owner)

    Decent flavour, only a little ouid aftertaste. Kicks in within the hour. Easy to split into halves or quarters too!

  3. mayandfraser (verified owner)

    Pop one and get ready for some fun! Fruity sweet taste and a mellow buzz kicks in within the hour.

  4. ashleymunro1987 (verified owner)

    Awesome gummy. Tastes just like raspberry!

  5. Tim Y (verified owner)

    This flavour is my favorite so far. You still get a bit of the burn that most edibles have but it is tolerable.

  6. in2trouble (verified owner)

    Raspberry flavour is my favourite! Will buy again.

  7. veillette_julie (verified owner)

    Love this product. No bitter aftertaste

  8. juliendan (verified owner)

    Love these gummies! Delicious raspberry flavour and consistent high!

  9. Cheryl Dooley (verified owner)

    Very yummy! 10/10 would recommend these, consistent high and great taste

  10. moparjohnny28 (verified owner)

    Great product. Tastes fantastic. Good dosing options. I will be ordering these again.

  11. k.handrahan (verified owner)

    I am never disappointed. Great products.

  12. Caroline Kilian (verified owner)

    Consistent giggly high!

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