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The Effects of Cannabis Concentrates on Heart, Mind, and Pain

Cannabis concentrates, among some of the best extracts available online in Canada, have gained popularity among recreational users and medical professionals alike. These potent extracts, abundant in cannabinoids such as THC and CBD, present a promising avenue for therapeutic exploration. 

However, the growing interest in them underscores the urgent need for a more comprehensive understanding of their health implications. Concerns regarding cardiovascular health, cognitive function, and pain management have surfaced, prompting a closer examination of their effects.

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Cannabis and Cardiovascular Health

Cannabis has been linked to enhancing performance, possibly due to its effects on mood. However, studies have found that cannabis use, particularly with exercise, can lead to more cardiovascular events. 

  • Some studies suggest that cannabis can help control blood pressure
  • Cannabis contains cannabinoids like CBD, which can fight inflammation in blood vessels.
  • Using cannabis might lower stress levels, which is good for the heart. Less stress could mean a lower risk of heart problems.
  • Certain parts of cannabis can open up blood vessels for efficient blood flow. 
  • Antioxidants in cannabis can shield blood vessels from harm and lower the chance of heart disease.

Remember, while these findings are promising, more research or studies are needed to fully understand how cannabis affects heart health. Plus, cannabis isn’t safe for everyone, especially in certain situations.

Cannabis and Mental Health

Research indicates that individuals report feeling less stressed and more relaxed when using cannabis. Some also experience reduced anxiety and increased relaxation, particularly with compounds like CBD. 

Moreover, cannabis has the potential to alleviate physical pain, thereby contributing to improved mental well-being. Many individuals find that it enhances creativity and relaxation, thereby reducing stress levels. 

Further research is necessary to understand how cannabis impacts mental health comprehensively. Responses to cannabis vary among individuals, and there are potential risks, particularly for those with specific mental health conditions. 

Cannabis and Pain Management

Medical cannabis, when not smoked, has been found to help people with chronic pain, improving their sleep and physical function. However, studies haven’t looked at these benefits beyond about 5.5 months. 

Compared to other treatments like opioids, reports on its effectiveness vary. Some patients experience side effects like cognitive impairment even in safe medical settings. Certain factors like existing mental health issues, lung problems, and diabetes can increase the risk of negative effects. 

Despite evidence supporting medical cannabis, recreational use for pain relief is still debated. Based on what we know, medical cannabis is recommended for chronic pain that hasn’t responded to other treatments.

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Types of Premium Cannabis Concentrates

Live Resin

This cannabis concentrate comes from fresh cannabis plants. They freeze it right after picking to keep the good stuff safe. Live resin has lots of cannabinoids and terpenes, which make cannabis taste and feel different. Since it’s made from fresh plants, it tastes strong and hits hard.


This is also called “budder” or “crumble .”Wax is a soft cannabis concentrate that’s easy to bend with high THC content. They make wax by removing solvents from cannabis extracts, leaving a creamy product. 


Shatter arrived on the cannabis scene in North America in the early 2000s, known for its strong THC levels and shiny, glass-like appearance. It’s made by refining cannabis extracts through a process called butane hash oil extraction (BHO). It’s brittle, so they usually break it into pieces before using it. Its clear, amber look and solid texture added to its appeal. People love to order shatter at an online dispensary because it’s super strong and clean, often with THC levels above 80%. 


Hash, a traditional cannabis extract, has a long history going back centuries. It started in places like Central Asia and the Middle East, where people used it for medicine, spiritual practices, and recreational purposes for thousands of years. 

To make hash, they separate the sticky stuff (called trichomes) from the cannabis plant, then squash and heat it into solid blocks. Hash became popular worldwide in the 1900s (especially in the 1960s and 1970s) when the hippie culture was introduced. People loved it for its strong effects and unique taste. You can enjoy hash in many ways, like smoking, vaping, or eating. It gives a strong and tasty cannabis experience.

Extraction Methods

  • CO2 Extraction

This method is well-known for keeping cannabis natural. It uses pressurized carbon dioxide to eliminate cannabinoids, terpenes, and other good stuff from the plant. CO2 extraction doesn’t leave any leftover chemicals in the final product. 

  • Butane Extraction

This method is popular for making strong concentrates like shatter and wax. It uses butane, which is a dangerous liquid, to get out cannabinoids and terpenes from the cannabis plant. Then, they remove the butane, leaving a strong product behind. But it needs careful handling because butane can cause explosions and leave chemicals in the concentrate if not done right.

  • Rosin Pressing

This method differs from CO2 or butane because it requires no chemicals. Instead, it uses heat and pressure to get extracts out of the cannabis plant. People put cannabis flowers or hash between hot plates and press them to get the oily substances. 

Cannabis Consumption

Cannabis concentrates offer many ways to enjoy their potent effects:

  • Smoking: Simply sprinkle a bit of concentrate onto your regular bowl or joint for an instant hit. Great for those who love the traditional smoking experience.
  • Vaping: Use a vaporizer pen or device to heat the concentrate, releasing its cannabinoids without the smoke and smell of traditional smoking.
  • Dabbing: Heat the concentrate on a hot surface with a dab rig and inhale the vapour for quick, intense effects. Popular among experienced users.
  • Mixing into Edibles: Infuse your favourite recipes with concentrates by mixing them with oils or fats. Enjoy the discreet and long-lasting effects of edibles without the need for smoking or vaping.
  • Adding to Joints or Blunts: Elevate your smoking experience by adding a bit of concentrate to your joint or blunt. Known as “twaxing,” this method intensifies the effects for a potent experience.

Best Extracts Online Canada

Looking for quality weed concentrates? Here are the different concentrates you can try:

FeaturePremium Shatter – Cactus CakePremium Shatter – Dosi PiePremium Shatter – Rockstar Tuna
StrainIndica dominant hybrid / Sativa dominant hybridIndica-dominant hybridIndica-dominant hybrid
Genetic CrossAfghani X Northern LightsDo-Si-Dos X Cherry PieTuna Kush X Rockstar
Aroma/FlavourFruity and earthySweet and fruityPungent with hints of rotting fish, spicy grapes, and herbs
EffectsRelaxing and sedatingRelaxing and sedatingRelaxing and appetite-inducing
Terpene ProfileMyrcene, caryophyllene, limoneneLimonene, caryophyllene, linaloolCaryophyllene, limonene, myrcene
Common UsesPain relief, relaxation, appetite stimulationPain relief, relaxation, mood enhancementPain relief, relaxation, appetite stimulation

Try Weed Extracts Online

The best cannabis concentrates offer a potent and versatile option for consumers seeking relief from pain, mental relaxation, and potential cardiovascular effects. 

Online dispensaries in Canada, like GrassLife, provide access to these best extracts online Canada. These are packaged discreetly and shipped carelessly for a convenient and reliable customer purchasing experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do Terpenes Affect the Effects of Cannabis Concentrates?

Terpenes are compounds in weed that contribute to the flavour and aroma of concentrates. They also interact with cannabinoids to produce unique effects, known as the entourage effect.

Can Cannabis Concentrates Be Mixed With Other Substances for Consumption?

Yes. Cannabis concentrates can be mixed with other substances for consumption. For instance, mix them with flowers in a joint or bowl for a stronger kick or enhanced flavour. Moreover, you can infuse concentrates into baked goods or drinks to make tasty cannabis-infused treats. These weed concentrates can also be mixed with other substances, such as herbs or tobacco.

What Are the Different Appearances of Concentrates?

Concentrates can have various appearances, including a wax-like consistency, brittle shatter, or crumbly texture. Concentrates may also appear as sticky resin or oily liquids, depending on the extraction method and the specific type of concentrate. Each appearance can offer unique advantages and may cater to different preferences among consumers.

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