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Highly-Anticipated Hybrid Selection For Creativity & Inspiration

Hybrid strains are becoming increasingly prevalent among the offerings of an online dispensary Canada. While pure Indica and Sativa strains still hold their allure, hybrids are gaining popularity due to their unique blend of effects and higher THC levels.

With hybrid strains, users can experience a harmonious fusion of both Satica and Indica strains in a single purchase. Among the myriad effects these hybrids offer, one standout benefit is their ability to spark creativity.

Exploring the mechanisms behind this creative boost can be intriguing. Let us delve into how it can inspire creativity and which hybrid strains you can choose for it.

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Hybrid Strains For Creativity: What Studies Are Saying

Researchers from a study published in the Journal of Applied Psychology set out to explore the impact of cannabis on creativity through a combination of self-reports and drug tests. They engaged cannabis users in completing a range of creative tasks within their everyday environments and observed the effects of their typical cannabis consumption habits on their creative abilities.

In the study, participants engaged in one of two creative tasks: either within 15 minutes of vaping or smoking a joint or after a minimum of 12 hours since their last use. Participants listed various creative applications for a brick, a common exercise in creativity research.

In their subsequent study, researchers aimed to simulate a workplace scenario more closely. Participants envisioned themselves working for a consulting firm aiding a local music band in boosting revenue. Once again, participants needed to generate a plethora of imaginative ideas.

The researcher found that participants under the influence of cannabis tended to experience increased joy, characterized by feelings of happiness, cheerfulness, and overall improved mood. This elevated state led them to perceive both their own ideas and those of fellow participants as more creative compared to sober individuals.

Third-party judges did not discern any disparity in the creativity of ideas between high and sober participants. This made the researchers conclude that cannabis usage doesn’t directly affect one’s innate creativity; however, it does amplify feelings of joy, which makes individuals perceive creative endeavours more positively than they might otherwise.

But what about creative people claiming that cannabis helps them?

Dosage Matters

A study from Psychopharmacology revealed the role of dosage in the relationship between cannabis and creativity. It discovered that at lower doses (5.5 mg THC), cannabis exhibited a subtle enhancement in two facets of divergent thinking: fluency, which reflects the number of responses, and flexibility. 

There was a noticeable elevation in scores about originality, which reflects the uniqueness of responses. With an increase in dosage to 22 mg of THC, scores experienced a significant decline across most categories. Elaboration, denoting the depth of explanation in responses, remained consistently low across all groups, with a slight uptick observed in the placebo group.

Affects Non-Creative People Better

Researchers categorized participants into high-creativity and low-creativity groups in a Consciousness and Cognition journal study. They examined both under sober conditions and while under the influence of cannabis.

The impact of cannabis differed between the high and low-creativity groups. While it had minimal effect on the high-creativity cohort, it enhanced the creative performance of the low-creativity group. This suggests that for individuals lacking innate creative skills, cannabis consumption might offer a pathway to heightened creativity.

Should You Use Cannabis For Creativity?

As with other facets of cannabis exploration, the study of the connection between cannabis and creativity remains an evolving field with much ground yet to cover. Research findings suggest several intriguing points:

  • Cannabis can heighten cerebral blood flow, potentially correlating with increased creative output.
  • Excessive THC intake may impede rather than enhance creativity, while moderate doses seem to offer a slight boost.
  • While cannabis appears to have the capacity to enhance creativity in less creative individuals, its impact on those already proficient in creative pursuits seems marginal.
  • A proportion of cannabis users tend to demonstrate advanced levels of creativity compared to the general population.

The key lies in personal experimentation and discovery. If you’re still exploring how cannabis products influence your creative process, consider experimenting with varying dosages, engaging in different creative pursuits, sampling diverse strains and immersing yourself in various environments. By embracing this exploratory approach, you may uncover how cannabis can unlock your inner artist, tailored to your unique preferences and experiences.

Hybrid Strain to Explore Your Creativity | Marijuana Flowers

Bubble GumIndica-Dominant17%
Cali GoldIndica-Dominant20%
Ice CreamIndica-Dominant19%
London Pound CakeIndica-Dominant28%


Mochi is a delightful fusion of Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies and Sunset Sherbet strains. A refreshing, minty finish complements its sweet, fruity berry flavour. A distinct aroma of mint, sour fruits, and hints of creamy earthiness emerges upon breaking apart the buds.

It initiates a gentle upliftment followed by a wave of euphoria and profound relaxation. This experience unfolds with a burst of creativity, which leads to a tranquil, soothing state that envelops the body and induces deep relaxation and sleepiness.

Bubble Gum

Bubble Gum originates from the crossing of the renowned Indiana Bubble Gum with an undisclosed hybrid strain. Its flavour is reminiscent of a delightful, fruity piece of classic bubblegum. Similarly, its aroma carries the same essence with a subtle creamy undertone.

The high commences with a gentle euphoric onset, gradually unfolding into a state of happiness and upliftment, which fosters creativity and tranquillity by gently dispelling any negative or racing thoughts. As the experience unfolds, the body gradually relaxes, enveloped in a mildly tingling sensation that pleasantly enhances the overall experience.

Cali Gold

Cali Gold has fruity and robust notes that linger in the air for an extended period. The flavour profile is a unique blend of fruity tones upon exhalation with an earthy essence during inhalation.

Users embark on a journey of unconventional cognitive exploration. A shift in sensory perception becomes apparent as sights and sounds take on a heightened vividness. Some users may even experience pseudo-hallucinogenic phenomena such as time dilation or altered depth perception. 

Following this initial wave, a subtle increase in cognitive activity unfolds, characterized by a dynamic flow of thoughts. Ideas may cascade freely or loop persistently within the user’s consciousness. This cerebral stimulation can catalyze heightened productivity, whether tackling work-related endeavours or navigating mundane tasks with renewed vigour.

Ice Cream

Ice Cream, a hybrid cannabis strain cultivated by Paradise Seeds, boasts a delightfully sweet aroma reminiscent of sugary ice cream treats. Its flavour is equally delightful with the creamy goodness of a frozen dessert.

This strain initiates with uplifting Sativa effects that inspire cheerful and creative states of mind. Some users, particularly adults with ADD/ADHD, note enhanced focus. As the experience progresses, Indica characteristics emerge, sometimes accompanied by gentle sedation and a heightened appetite.

London Pound Cake

London Poundcake emerges from the combination of the Sunset Sherbet and another Indica-heavy strain. Its flavour is a harmonious blend of sweet berry and grape notes, complemented by hints of nutty lemon and citrus. The scent is reminiscent of earthy woods, with subtle undertones of nutty lemon and fruity berries lingering in the air.

You’ll experience a gentle upliftment with a serene focus, effortlessly dispelling intrusive or frantic thoughts. A soothing body relaxation ensues, gently coaxing you into a state of tranquillity without inducing excessive drowsiness or lethargy.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a difference between cannabis products in an online dispensary and from a physical dispensary?

The divergence in product categories between traditional and online dispensaries isn’t substantial. What sets them apart is the broader range of cannabis options available through online platforms. Online dispensaries boast an extensive selection, like over 50 cannabis strains, a variety of cannabis concentrates, and, occasionally, exclusive product formats.

How can you receive your weed online in Canada?

When buying weed online, dispensaries partner with Canada Post or other shipping companies to handle order fulfillment. Once the dispensary receives your order, they initiate the processing and furnish you with a tracking number so you can monitor the status and location of your shipment.

Do online dispensaries charge shipping fees?

Yes. You have to pay a specific amount to ship your products. You can circumvent this expense by verifying whether the dispensary provides free express shipping.

Can I become a member of an online dispensary, and what are the perks?

The best online dispensary prioritizes convenience for its customers by providing the option to create an account. This allows for a seamless shopping experience by eliminating the need to input personal information when you buy weed online Canada repeatedly. Membership perks include accumulating points with each purchase and redeeming them for discounts on future orders.

Who are the target customers of online dispensaries?

Anyone of the appropriate age can easily access high-quality cannabis products through online platforms, whether it is for medical or recreational purposes. These online dispensaries offer convenience, particularly for individuals with disabilities or those residing in areas lacking nearby physical dispensaries. Online cannabis stores also boast affordable prices for consumers seeking products that won’t affect their expenses.

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