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Evoke – Medicinal Mushrooms – Microdose CapsulesEvoke – Medicinal Mushrooms – Microdose Capsules

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Evoke – Medicinal Mushrooms – Microdose Capsules

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“Awaken Your Mind” with Evoke

Evoke microdose capsules are a blend of psilocybin mushrooms with added Chaga, Cordyceps, Lions Mane, Reishi and Turkey Tail. This organic mushroom blend combines all the amazing health benefits of mushroom adaptogens along with psilocybin. Evoke microdose capsules will improve your mood, encourage creative thinking, increase productivity and focus without experiencing euphoria.

There are many ways in which you can microdose, our recommendation is one of these two options:

1. On an as needed basis before a project or social event.
2. To help manage chronic depression/anxiety: take 1 cap/day for 4 consecutive days then take the 3 following days off and repeat the cycle.
Try this for one full cycle with one cap/day then if you found it was too little or too much change your dose for the next cycle.

*20 capsules per package*

These days, medicinal mushrooms are used in many things from energy-boosting elixirs to soups that strengthen the immune system. Medicinal mushrooms have been studied extensively due to their wide-ranging health benefits, which include immune system regulation and increased energy levels. Microdose capsules are one of the newest forms and are helping countless people deal with complex issues from anxiety to depression, every day- without the use of powerful chemical pharmaceuticals.


Psilocybin is included in this organic mushroom combination, which has all of the wonderful health advantages associated with mushroomadaptogens. Psilocybin is believed to have the ability to treat a wide variety of mental and behavioural issues, even though they are not yet mainstream.


You won’t feel “high” or under the influence after taking Evoke microdose capsules; instead, your mood will improve, your creative thinking will be encouraged, and your productivity and attention will enhance.


The psilocybin mushrooms in Evoke microdose capsules are combined with other mushrooms, including Chaga, Cordyceps, Lion’s Mane, Reishi, and Turkey Tail. People worldwide have relied on a particular class of fungus known as medicinal mushrooms for their curative properties for hundreds of years.


Can psilocybin treat depression?

Psilocybin therapy for the treatment of depression was awarded “breakthrough therapy” status by the FDA, which means that it will undergo evaluation on a fast track, asHealthline reported before the previously.

Do medicinal mushrooms have chemicals that activate cells?

Mushroom polysaccharides (also known as proteoglycans) are a well-known active chemical. These substances are unique in their capacity to activate and interact with immune system cells, making them excellent nutritional supplements for people with autoimmune diseases, allergies, and other inflammatory ailments.

Are medicinal mushrooms available in multi-blends?

Blends of medicinal mushrooms are readily accessible. Two examples are the “14 Mushroom Blend”  and the “Mushroom Complex SAP”  Medicinal mushrooms are seen as having a synergistic impact, which explains why blends are so effective.

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