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Bright Future – Daily Dose – 3gBright Future – Daily Dose – 3g

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Bright Future – Neon Vision – 3g

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30 1ml doses per bottle. Ever wonder what the world would look like through neon vision? Well wonder no longer! This synergistic blend of nootropics, organic mushrooms and adaptogens may actually blow your mind. Gingko, 5-HTP and L-theanine calm your nervous system and alleviate anxiety and depression. Meanwhile maca and ginseng provide all natural crash free energy to have you physically and mentally at top performance. Combine this brain boosting and cognitive enhancing mix with organic mushrooms and put your focus and creativity into overdrive with the convenience of a liquid tincture. Seems too good to be true right? Try Neon Vision for yourself and find out!

INGREDIENTS: 25mg 5-HTP · 20mg ginkgo · 45mg ginseng · 20mg maca · 20mg L-theanine · 100mg psilocybe cubensis


Bright Future – Daily Dose – Neon Vision is an excellent choice to improve memory and cognitive performance with a supplement. This liquid treatment contains organic mushrooms, ginseng, and maca, which are known to improve concentration and energy. 30 1 ml doses per bottle.

Some advantages of neon vision include:

  1. Increased Creativity. People who have had neon vision say it has improved their overall creative ability. They may be able to produce vivid artwork or come up with amazing ideas while using this product.
  2. Enhanced Cognitive Ability. Some users claim to have higher cognitive skills than prior to using this product. This can even include better mathematical ability.
  3. Improved concentration. Neon vision patients say they can now see better at night and in low-light situations. This can be a valuable asset in a variety of professions, including law enforcement and journalism.
  4. Stress reduction. Many people who have had neon vision experience a reduction in stress, both mentally and physically.


People who use this product feel open, joyful, and content. It may elicit feelings of safety, comfort, and tranquillity. Furthermore, Neon Vision can foster creativity and insight. Users of Bright Future – Daily Dose – Neon Vision 3g Psilocybin’s users have also reported intense spiritual experiences while taking the product at higher dosages.


Neon Vision 3g Psilocybin, a novel recreational form of Psilocybin, is becoming increasingly popular. It is a more stable and slow-decaying form of Psilocybin than the more commonly used water-soluble ground form.This product is known to alleviate anxiety and depression in a large proportion of users. It contains a blend of nootropics, organic mushrooms, adaptogens, Gingko, maca, and ginseng- designed to make you feel your very best.


How many drops should I take for a Bright future microdose?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question because the best way to take a Bright future microdose depends on your specific circumstances and health situation. However, it is generally recommended to take one to three drops of Bright Future daily.

In taking the tinctures, how can it help me personally?

Tinctures can be used in a variety of ways and for a variety of purposes. Tinctures are supplements that are specifically designed to improve mental clarity and focus, lower stress levels, aid in sleep, and boost energy. Others are used to treat specific diseases like arthritis and cancer.

Where can you buy this product?

The best online dispensary you can buy this product is through Grasslife. You can select from a variety of Tinctures products on our website.

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