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Bright Future – Microdose Capsules – The Hustler – 2.5gBright Future – Microdose Capsules – The Hustler – 2.5g

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Bright Future – Microdose Capsules – The Hustler – (100mg x 25 Capsules)

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Have you ever wished that there was a pill to give you hustler’s ambition? Well your prayers have been answered! The Hustler boosts your brain function including memory, mental speed and focus so you can achieve the optimal level of consciousness where you perform your best. Success breeds success, so why not start with The Hustler. Live like a boss and take over the world with unstoppable energy and productivity. Enjoy the elevated mental state, mood boost and enhanced cognition. Our organic mushroom mix combined with mushroom adaptogens will have you feeling supercharged all day.

The Hustler improves cognitive abilities, including memory, mental quickness, and attention. This allows you to reach a peak state of awareness and perform at your highest potential. Get this product now to improve your productivity!


Our product provide the following benefits:

  • You have increased energy and productivity
  • An elevated mental state
  • A mood boost
  • Improved cognitive abilities

When mixed with mushroomadaptogens, this organic mushroom blend will give you a supercharged sensation that will last throughout the day.


About a third of individuals who microdose monitor the exact quantity they take; the rest take enough to start experiencing the effects, which typically kick in an hour after ingestion and persist for four to six hours. That involves some experimentation, especially when using mushrooms, which may have varying levels of psilocybin.


Some experts contend that the advantages of microdosing are genuine and point to evidence that it affects the brain. Psychedelics exert their effects by binding to a certain kind of serotonin receptors, and Danish researchdiscovered that a microdose of psilocybin activated almost half of these receptors.


Can Bright Future Nootropic treat depression?

Some supplements, called nootropics, have been shown to enhance cognitive abilities, including memory, focus, inspiration, and energy.

Does microdosing help different conditions?

Some microdoses of psychedelics have been shown to have beneficial effects on mood, energy levels, and creativity. New research suggests that hallucinogenic substances, when used at low dosages and under medical supervision, may be effective against mental health problems, including depression, anxiety, and post-traumatic stress disorder.

What does microdosing do to you?

Some users have reported feeling more motivated, energized, and emotionally available after taking a microdose. However, since there is so little clinical data on microdosing, it is hard to confidently say what you may expect.

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  1. davemire (verified owner)

    I couldn’t tell the difference between these microdose and others I bought here. They’re good just more expensive. I will just get the other brand.

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