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Best Weed in Canada: Finding the Premium Hybrid Strains

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The two types of cannabis plants are Sativa and Indica. They have their own distinct physical characteristics and effects. The head high that Sativas are famous for can help reduce anxiety or stress, boost creativity, and increase attention. Meanwhile, Indicas promote profound relaxation and alleviate sleeplessness.

Medical marijuana patients or recreational users can find a specific strain for their needs. You can try Sativa strains to stay awake and manage simple chores or party with friends. At the same time, Indica can be your choice if you want to unwind after work. But if you want to get the effects of these two plants, hybrid marijuana is the best weed in Canada to try. 

Hybrid strains are a combination of both Indica and Sativa and can have characteristics of either, or be somewhere in the middle. They can be the perfect balance between sedative Inidca effects and uplifting Sativa highs. 

Best Hybrid Strains in Canada

Best Hybrid Strains in Canada

Hybrid strains are abundant in the Canadian market. People like hybrids not only because of the high they experience with these strains but the different flavours. Since hybrid combines Sativa and Indica, you’ll get a tasty, sometimes more aromatic bud. To experience the effects of hybrid, some different strains to try include:

Gouda Berry

Gouda Berry is an Indica-dominant hybrid with 24% THC. This bud is a crossing of the Red Pop and Rainbow Chip strains. You can experience hints of fresh berries and bananas with creamy, delicious spicy cheese. 

As for the effects, Gouda berry hits hard in a few minutes. There’s a light physical tingle that soon spreads, and you end lock on your couch. A light touch of focus keeps your mind and mood active. Since this is an Indica-dominant strain, you’ll expect to have the munchies.


Gelato is a crossing of the fruity Indica Sunset Sherbert with the flavour-engineered parent Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies. This strain is excellent for social use because it has a well-balanced, mellow high and an all-around palatable flavour profile.

The effects occur quickly, even after you have the chance to exhale. Head high, and a palpable body buzz happens together. When it does, it discourages you from moving but not causing you to remain on your couch. Gelato has a psychedelic effect that can cause time dilation and sound sensitivity. This strain is excellent for use during the day or early evening because it gives users a floating, pleasant, lucid experience.

Cookies N’ Cream

This is another balanced strain with high THC (23%) content. Cookies N’ Cream is an excellent choice for any time of day. It is a well-rounded strain that won’t make you too couch-locked or paranoid to function.

Even if this is a balanced strain, Cookies N’ Cream is definitely not the greatest flower to smoke if you need to cross everything off your list. However, you can use it to stimulate creativity or relaxing activities like walking or watching.

Cadillac Cookies

Cadillac Cookies releases a scent of sweet grapes and smoky herbs, all with a very lovely earthy undertone. Your spirits will rise as your body fades into a joyful numbness that swiftly transforms into sedation and sleepiness. Since the effects are more calming, it’s a perfect bud for nighttime use to get a restful sleep.

Wedding Cake

This Indica-dominant strain comes from the crossing of Cherry Pie and G.S.C. Wedding Cake smells as you would expect; it is sweet with a sugary, vanilla icing scent. If you take a whiff of this strain, you can taste the vanilla, but some say it smells more like sugar cookies. 

The high from the wedding cake begins in your head. Once the Sativa side of the bud starts to take effect, your thoughts intensify. When the Indica aspect kicks in, you’ll feel the relaxing effects. There’s a pleasant sensation of warmth and heaviness that gradually spreads over your entire body. This strain provides both a mental and physical high.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to use hybrid strains?

You can consume them in the same ways as regular cannabis: by smoking, vaping, eating, or drinking the product of your choice. If you’re just starting to use marijuana, it’s wise to decide first how you want to consume them before buying. 

The most common form of hybrid products is flower. This is dried cannabis that you can use to smoke. You can experience the effects of a flower more quickly than eating edibles, but the highs are shorter. The fast-acting effects can be an excellent choice for patients with chronic pain or nausea.

Are hybrids uppers or downers?

Hybrids are both an upper and a downer, but sometimes it can be one or the other. The effects depend on the dominant species of a particular strain. Indica-dominant strains are a downer, giving a sedating effect. Meanwhile, Sativa-dominant is an uplifting strain. Sometimes, you can experience both, where the effects of Sativa take over at first and soon lulls you to sleep with the effects of Indica.

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