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Smokers of marijuana who desire a potent high resort to weed shatter, a concentrate that can contain up to 80% cannabinoids and, in some circumstances, even as much as 90%. Cannabis has never been more potent than it is right now, with THC levels frequently topping 20%. This just won’t work for weed connoisseurs and seasoned smokers who wish to be daring.

If you’re a regular cannabis user seeking a more potent cannabis high, this article will provide you with information about shatter.

Key Takeaways:

  • Shatter is a cannabis concentrate with a glass-like appearance.
  • Cannabis shatter contains up to 80% THC.
  • The effects of shatter are very potent and depend on the strain of cannabis.
Weed Shatter

What is Weed Shatter?

Shatter has a translucent, glass-like appearance. It is produced using a precise and meticulous manufacturing process from the strong hash oil of the cannabis plant and is frequently orange or amber in colour.

The majority of marijuana shatter is thin and brittle, although certain varieties are thicker and more akin to hard, bendy taffy in texture. This variation results from the amount of cannabinoids present in the particular product.

What are the Effects of Shatter Cannabis Concentrates?

The high produced by cannabis shatter is “cleaner” than that from other products. Many marijuana connoisseurs are switching to lab-produced cannabis extracts because they provide a more consistent high.

Shatter offers high concentrations of THC and other cannabinoids for cannabis users looking to take a lot of the psychoactive compound. In other words, shatter swiftly produces a powerful high. High-THC shatter has a greater effect per hit than a joint smoked in its whole. This may result in immediate euphoria, couch-lock, dry mouth, heaviness, and relaxation.

How are Shatters Made?

A solvent, such as CO2 or butane, is needed to make shatter. Manufacturers place cannabis plant material in a holding container and force a solvent through it in order to extract the cannabinoids. The result is butane hash oil (BHO), CO2 shatter, or wax.

After extraction, a very potent compound with far more THC than conventional cannabis is the end product. Cannabis concentrates can range in consistency from oil to a soft, silky substance called budder to a pliable, crystallized substance called wax to shatter.

Shatter Cannabis Concentrate: Best Product Selection

Shatter is available in various cannabis flower, with the majority being high in THC content. This list of shatter strains can guide you when selecting the specific effects you desire to experience.

Strain NameTypeDescription
Potluck ShatterHybrid and IndicaPotluck shatter comes from the most illustrious pioneers in the Canadian cannabis extracts business. Potluck was developed with the current cannabis aficionado in mind, aiming to provide unwavering quality at a reasonable cost without compromising taste or purity. Hybrid effects depend on the dominant genes present. It can be Indica-dominant or Sativa-dominant. Indica-dominant is more relaxing, while Sativa-dominant is energizing.
Cactus Cake80% Indica, 20% SativaThis physical high, which is the foundation for the cerebral effect, gently wanes through your body in leisurely waves. It will put you to sleep in complete and total relaxation.
Dosi Pie90% Indica, 10% SativaYou’ll find yourself suddenly overcome by a nice heaviness in your head that causes your eyes to go heavy. As your mind calms, a profoundly calming and relaxing body high will overtake you.
Mint Chocolate Chip50% Indica, 50% SativaMint Chocolate Chip high kicks in, slamming into your head and sending it into euphoric excitement. You’ll have the desire to feel inspired and concentrated. Your body will remain firmly planted in a profound state of relaxation that is almost sedative in effect as your mind soars higher and higher.
Strawberry Lemonade50% Indica, 50% SativaThe Strawberry Lemonade high is perfect for spending a quiet day at home watching TV or unwinding by the pool. The high starts with an uplifted, mildly energizing sensation that gives users a temporary sense of fuzzy alertness. A warming, tingly body buzz will gradually cover you as the high develops.
Rockstar Tuna90% Indica, 10% SativaRockstar Tuna will leave you feeling completely at ease and insatiably hungry for hours. A surge of elevated effects sends your mind soaring through blissfully unfocused joy as the high begins. Your body will start to dwindle into a profound state of relaxation and calm without sedation as your mind rises higher and higher.

What are the Benefits of Shatter?

The advantages of shatter are numerous. There are a few benefits of employing shatter for medical purposes. The following are a few advantages of shatter:

  • Potent: Due to the high THC level of shatter, it is one of the most often used cannabis concentrates. Because of its tremendous potency, you’ll require little to get the desired results. This can be the best option for people who experience unexpected pain and require rapid relief.
  • Fast-acting: Because dabbing has a quicker onset of effects than other methods, many patients prefer it. 
  • Cost-effective: Shatter is a good choice for cannabis users because it is potent, and you only need a small amount. Compared to many other cannabis products, it is cheaper.
  • Smokeless: Shatter is typically dabbed or vaporized. Since there is no smoke, it is a healthier alternative for your lungs than smoking.
  • Longer shelf life: Due to its concentrated form, you can store shatter for a long time. 

How to Store Shatter Properly

Shatter can start to degrade and lose its initial strength, flavour, and sharp consistency when it is incorrectly stored. To prevent this deterioration, always keep it in an airtight, lightproof container. Protect the concentrate from extreme temperatures, moisture, oxygen, and direct sunlight to ensure it maintains consistency for as long as possible.


Shatter is a worthwhile option for marijuana users in search of a more potent high. Even seasoned smokers may find that the experience of consuming shatter feels reminiscent of their first time getting high. With THC levels reaching up to 80%, cannabis enthusiasts can expect to savour every hit of this concentrated cannabis extract.

GrassLife provides a premium selection of shatter and other cannabis concentrates. You can explore a range of wax shatter strains to discover the one that suits your desired effects. Simply browse our user-friendly website and have your order conveniently delivered to your doorstep.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between shatter and wax?

Many individuals are confused about the differences between wax, crumble, and shatter due to the abundance of marijuana concentrates. The constancy is the primary distinction. When it comes to shatter BHO and other concentrates, the final product might be taffy-like (pull-and-snap), waxy (wax and crumble), runny and gooey (honey oil), or hard and glass-like (shatter).

The ultimate consistency of concentrates varies depending on the type of marijuana utilized by the maker, with some strains producing softer concentrates and others quickly hardening. Shatter and crumble can both be produced by manipulation and processing, but no matter the process of extraction, concentrates all contain a lot of cannabinoids and are, therefore, quite strong.

What are shatter withdrawal symptoms?

Shatter use that is excessive can interfere with the brain’s communication system and change the normal chemistry of the brain. The THC found in marijuana products shares structural similarities with the brain’s naturally occurring neurotransmitter anandamide.

The brain’s ability to learn, create new memories, and change our attention from one subject to another may be affected by THC. These alterations might be due to how Shatter and other marijuana-infused products affect the endocannabinoid system in the brain, also known as the cannabinoid receptors.

When someone stops using Shatter, they will not experience severe withdrawal symptoms.

  • Experiencing worry, unease, and anxiety
  • Experiencing excitement, tenseness, confusion, or irritability
  • Having trouble falling or staying asleep

Is shatter the same as dabs?

Yes, technically. Not all dabs are shatter, but you can dab all shatter. It is common to use a little water pipe called a dab rig in dabbing. The rig’s “nail” can withstand high temperatures to evaporate the concentrate. You can also dab other cannabis extracts other than shatter.

What happens when you ingest shatter?

Shatter needs to have its components decarboxylated or heated to activate them in order to work. You must vaporize them using a dab rig, e-rig, vape pen, or vaporizer to decarboxylate them so they can start working on the body immediately. It’s unlikely that ingesting shatter unheated will have any effects.

How to use shatter?

The most common way to smoke cannabis shatter is with a dab rig, which is a smoking apparatus. Cannabis concentrates are heated and then vaporized by a dab rig. The user then inhales the vapour, and the benefits typically begin to take effect immediately.

Using a dab pen is another way to use shatter. To vape cannabis concentrates, a pen with a specific chamber is required. Simply set your temperature and charge your pen. Then, fill the chamber with your concentration. The shatter will melt when the pen heats it, turning it into a vapour that you will breathe in through the mouthpiece.

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