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Shatter weed stands out as one of the most potent forms of cannabis concentrates. Amid the abundance of available products, it’s necessary to narrow your focus to the top selections within this weed wax family concentrate. 

GrassLife offers a curated list so you can buy shatter Canada easily. We provide all the necessary information to help you make a safe buying experience. 

Key Takeaways:

  • Shatter is a potent cannabis product with a glass-like texture.
  • Shatter weed contains up to 90% THC.
  • Dabbing is the most popular way to enjoy the effects of shatter weed.
House Shatter – Darth Vader

What is Shatter?

Shatter possesses a solid and glass-like appearance, often displaying an orange or amber hue. It comes from extracting potent butane hash oil from the cannabis plant material.

High extracts premium shatter involves using a liquid gas called butane. In the extraction process, a container holds cannabis, and butane is passed through the plant matter to efficiently extract desired terpenes and cannabinoids, including THC and CBD. 

These collected cannabinoids and terpenes form a concentrated oil, which undergoes refinement to yield the final product—a solid and translucent marijuana concentrate. Shatter varies in thickness; some are thin and delicate, while others possess a thicker, more pliable texture similar to hard, bendable taffy. This distinction comes from the concentration of cannabinoids in the specific product. Shatter can break into smaller pieces and vaporized or dabbed.

History of Shatter

In the extensive history of cannabis use, the emergence of shatter is a relatively recent development, stemming from the longstanding tradition of cultivating hashish.

  • 1973: D. Gold introduced the first comprehensive guide to hash manufacturing in the book “Cannabis Alchemy: The Art of Modern Hashmaking.” He released the second edition in 1989.
  • 1990: The initial production of THC shatter was conducted in private laboratories as there was no avenue to buy shatter online in Canada at that time. This period marked the refinement of current methods for crafting cannabis concentrates. Medical technologist Michael Starks published an updated version, “Marijuana Chemistry: Genetics Processing and Potency,” including a detailed description of the hash production process.
  • Late 1990s: BudderKing, a Canadian cannabis producer, introduced budder and shatter to the market.
  • 2003: Shatter and budder became available in dispensaries.
  • Late 2000s: Weed shatter had become a predominant method for cannabis ingestion that led to the popular saying among dabbers and concentrate consumers: “If it doesn’t shatter, it doesn’t matter.”

Selection of the Best Shatter Marijuana Concentrates

Potluck – Hybrid Shatter

Strain: Gorilla GlueAmount available: 1 gram
Effects: Happy and upliftedRelaxingTranquillizingGigglesBody numbing highFlavour and Aroma:Coffee and mocha notesSour kickLingering diesel flavour

Premium Shatter – Banana Kush

Strain: Banana KushAmount available: 2 grams
Effects: Cerebral effectsEuphoria and mood enhancementFlavour and Aroma:Tropical fruits and bananasEarthy under notes

Premium Shatter – Cactus Cake

Strain: Cactus CakeAmount available: 2 grams
Effects: Cerebral effectRelaxingBalanced effects with body high that makes your body feel lazy.Flavour and Aroma:TangySweet citrus pineA hint of earthy spice

Premium Shatter – Dosi Pie

Strain: Dosi PieAmount available: 2 grams
Effects: Affects the mind with a heavy sensationSoothing and relaxingFeeling calmFlavour and Aroma:Nutty pie-like flavourHints of fresh fruits and spicy anise.It is spicy and deeper, with a heavy peppery anise overtone Sour citrusNutty graham crackersSharp mint

Premium Shatter – Mint Chocolate Chip

Strain: Mint Chocolate ChipAmount available: 2 grams
Effects: EuphoriaUplifted moodCreativeEnds with a relaxing effectFlavour and Aroma:Sweet herbal aromaTangy mentholPungent skunky odour

Premium Shatter – Mac 1

Strain: Mac 1Amount available: 2 grams
Effects: Head high with euphoria and uplifted moodCreative and motivatedBody high that is relaxingFlavour and Aroma:Spicy herbal overtoneSweet citrusHeavy pungent aroma

Premium Shatter – Pink Death

Strain: Pink DeathAmount available: 2 grams
Effects: SleepyRelaxingHeavily sedatingFlavour and Aroma:Fresh dieselEarthy spiceSpicy cinnamon and berry exhale

Premium Shatter – Rockstar Tuna

Strain: Rockstar TunaAmount available: 2 grams
Effects: UpliftingDeep relaxing effects without heavy sedationUnfocused blissFlavour and Aroma:Rotting fish and spicy grape aromaEarthy, skunky, sweet grapes, and spicy herb flavour

Premium Shatter – Strawberry Lemonade

Strain: Strawberry LemonadeAmount available: 2 grams
Effects: EnergizingMild alertnessTingly body bussRelaxing Flavour and Aroma:Sweetened lemonade with strawberry flavourEarthy, berry aroma with sweet lemon

The Benefits of Shatter

  • Shatter stands out as a popular cannabis concentrate, prized for its elevated THC content. Its high potency necessitates only a minimal amount for optimal effects.
  • Many medical marijuana patients opt for dabbing over alternative methods like edibles because of the rapid onset of the effects. The impact occurs within minutes after dabbing.
  • Due to its potency requiring only small quantities, shatter proves to be a cost-effective choice among cannabis users. It is generally more budget-friendly than many other cannabis products.
  • Shatter is typically vaporized or dabbed. Since you don’t have to smoke shatter, it is a potentially healthier option for your lungs.
  • With its high concentration, shatter is remarkably shelf-stable. This durability ensures that it remains viable for use over an extended period.

How to Consume Shatter


Dabbing, facilitated by a dab rig, represents the predominant method for consuming shatter. A dab rig is a water pipe for vaporizing concentrates such as shatter and wax.

Using the dab rig, you heat the nail, typically with a blowtorch. The shatter is then placed onto the hot nail and covered with the dome, a glass piece fashioned like a spherical that fits over the nail. The heated nail vaporizes the shatter, turning it into vapour, and the dome ensures the containment of the vaporized material. Inhalation is then done through the mouth of the dab rig and into your lungs.

Joint, Blunt, or Spliff

One of the simplest and most accessible techniques involves incorporating a small amount of shatter into your joint, blunt, or spliff.

This method is effective if you’re rolling your own product, and with a bit of effort, you can also integrate shatter into pre-rolled blunts and joints.


An uncomplicated approach to smoking shatter, without the need for an expensive dab rig, involves utilizing a widely favoured tool: the bong.

  1. Pack the bowl to about half full.
  2. Introduce a few small pieces of shatter.
  3. Fill the bowl the remaining way with the ground bud.
  4. Ignite and enjoy.

Vape Pen

Certain vape pens can vaporize shatter, but check the specifications before purchasing. Most portable vaporizers burn vape juice or accommodate specific pre-filled cartridges.

More expensive models provide the flexibility to adjust the heat for vaporizing various concentrates, including shatter. These advanced vape pens are complex — they involve multiple settings that require adjustment before use.

How to Store Shatter

After you buy shatter online, it becomes essential to store it properly for an extended duration, given that shatter, owing to its concentrated form, lasts a considerable amount of time before being fully consumed. To safeguard your high-quality shatter, consider the following preservation methods.

  1. Employ airtight containers crafted from glass jars or silicone non-stick containers explicitly designed to preserve concentrates. This ensures optimal freshness by preventing air infiltration and unwanted flavours.
  2. Store it in a cool environment, as exposure to heat can lead to cannabinoid degradation. Aim for a storage temperature of around 68°F/20°C or lower.
  3. Protect your shatter from direct light exposure, as light can degrade cannabinoids over time. Store your container in a dark place, such as a cupboard, closet, or drawer.
  4. Adopt the best practice of storing your shatter upright. The material’s high viscosity and stickiness could result in concentrate loss if not stored correctly.


Shatter has gained popularity among cannabis users due to its elevated THC levels, becoming a favourite choice for many. Beyond its potency, this versatile product offers various consumption methods to suit individual preferences. Explore the potency of shatter weed by selecting from our curated list of products.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much do shatter cost in Canada?

1 gram $20 to $50
3.5 grams $70 to $150
7 grams$120 to $280
14 grams $200 to $500
28 grams$300 to $600

Can you buy shatter online?

Yes. Explore reputable online dispensaries that provide a diverse range of shatter strains. Prioritize safety when purchasing by ensuring the chosen dispensary adheres to high standards. Opt for shatter produced with the utmost care and safety to guarantee a top-quality product.

How can one find cost-saving strategies when purchasing shatter?

  1. Buy in bulk to get discounts and free shipping
  2. Check for shatters that are on sale
  3. Use coupons when buying at a dispensary for the first time.
  4. Try mix-and-match deals

How do I identify the quality of shatter online?

Determining the superiority of one shatter over another demands a bit more knowledge as it differs from other cannabis products.

  1. Get to know the type of liquid gas utilized in shatter production. Some formulations use solvents like propane and hexane that leave harmful residues if not correctly processed.
  2. Shatter’s consistency is a key aspect to understand. Improper execution of this process can introduce harmful residues.
  3. Fresh shatter exhibits a cloudy and viscous appearance, while aged shatter becomes hardened and crystallized.
  4. This cannabis type is renowned for its elevated THC levels, typically ranging from 60-90%. Anything below this range is unlikely to exhibit shattering characteristics.

Is there an age limit for buying shatter online in Canada?

While most Canadian provinces set the legal age at 19, specific age restrictions for cannabis use may apply based on your location.

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