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The 70 Best Sativa Strains of 2017 that Will Make Your Head Buzz
Looking for the perfect strain to embellish your next adventure? Sativas are the energizing and uplifting marijuana family, best known for their cerebral effects. The first choice of artists and creatives, sativas are highly sought after for their smile-inducing, giggle provoking, psychedelic bordering good times. On the other hand, if you’re on the lookout for a strain ideal for nighttime use and getting your whole body buzzed, you’re likely in the market for an indica. Lucky for you, we have a list of our favourite 50 Indica Strains too. Check it out, my fellow connoisseurs. Whether you vape, smoke, have a penchant for edibles or anywhere in between, sativas are the go-to of daytime users and wake and bakers, we’ve selected the top 70 sativa strains that are worth checking out the next time you see them. Buy edibles online at GrassLife today.

1. Green Goblin

Best for: Eye Pressure and Stress Aroma: Pine, Sweet Misfortunes: Dry Eyes, Dry Mouth Fresh from the pages of your favourite comic book, Green Goblin gets its supervillain moniker from its lineage. This strain was born from the Green Crack plant variety, with a little Northern Lights and Skunk #1 mixed in for good measure. Notorious for its pungent smell, a curious blend of skunky musk and sickly sweetness — you’ll know it when you smell it. You can spot the Green Goblin by its forest green buds and rusty orange hairs. If you’re after a lucid dreamy state and don’t mind sporting a ghoulish grin, this strong sativa delivers — and it won’t make you drowsy like the other buds.

2. Super Sour Diesel

Best for: Stress and Depression Aroma: Sweet, Diesel Misfortunes: Dry Mouth, Anxiety Something about the words “super”, “sour”, and “diesel” just insinuate you’re going to have a heck of a good time. This sativa powerhouse packs a potent punch that will eliminate stress and drench you in optimism. A top choice for creatives, Super Sour Diesel is noted for its energizing qualities and euphoric bliss. A stunning choice for daytime users, this strain won’t leave your body feeling weighed down and restricted to your couch. Not for the faint of heart, many users have noted its powerful cerebral effects that can be a little intense for the more casual smoker. True to its name, you’ll smell the diesel wafting through the air. But hey, it’s all natural so don’t get it twisted — that gasoline smell is a surefire sign you’ve invested in a strong smoking experience, and you’ll know it from the first hit.

3. Strawberry Haze

Best for: Stress, Depression and Fatigue Aroma: Strawberry, Cheese Misfortunes: Dry Mouth, Dry Eyes Don’t let its pretty name fool you — Strawberry Haze is the proud recipient of 1st place at the Green House Very Important Smokers Panel. After its introduction to the masses in 2006, it became a classic thanks in large parts to its potent THC levels, being measured in at an impressive 20% and a CBD of 1.2%. You’ll know precisely where it earned its name upon smoking, offering up a sweet strawberry taste all the way down. Some say it will stroke your libido into action, but we won’t make any promises. It’s an exciting strain that gets users laughing. So if you’re on the hunt for the perfect bud to lift your spirits and take your head to new heights, Strawberry Haze comes strongly recommended.

4. Green Haze

Best for: Pain, Stress, and Nausea Aroma: Floral, Earthy Misfortunes: Dry Mouth, Dry Eyes Another hazy bud makes the list, but no surprise, the Haze lineage is strong and has born some of our favourite strains for good reason. Green Haze is a great selection if you’re looking for an instant pick me up, and a smoking experience that will leave your mind active. Some say this potent bud has the potential for a light psychedelic experience, so if you want to make the most of your blacklight posters and Pink Floyd albums, look no further. Green Haze, in the medical sense, is great for treating pain but it’s also a good fit when tackling nausea, cramps, and stress. With an earthy and sweet aroma, this strain is never a bad call.

5. Grapefruit

Best for: Stress and Depression Aroma: Sweet, Grapefruit Misfortunes: Dry Mouth, Dry Eyes For a delicious scent that will draw you right in, look no further than Grapefruit. True to its name, this powerful strain offers up a tropical, citrus smell that will make your mouth water. Trust us, you’re going to want to take a mouthwatering whiff. Aside from its alluring scent, Grapefruit is an all-around top shelf sativa. It offers everything from a powerful head high, an energy boost, an elevated mood, expanded creativity — we could go on. If you’re a wake-and-bake type smoker, Grapefruit has always been a healthy way to start the day as it won’t eliminate your motivation to get your day started. If stress relief is what you’re after, this is a potent choice and a well-rounded sativa any connoisseur should try

6. Moby Dick

Best for: Stress and Depression Aroma: Citrus, Earthy Misfortunes: Dry Mouth, Dry Eyes Moby Dick, Herman Melville’s classic antagonist, was best known for his sheer size, strength, and power. Therefore, it’s no wonder that this strain is one of the strongest sativas of all time with THC levels measuring as high as 24%. Winner of ‘2010 Girl of the Year’ in Soft Secrets Magazine, Moby Dick’s reputation is no work of fiction. Some users have reported borderline magical psychedelic effects, making Moby Dick a great selection for individuals suffering from stress and/or depression. Also true to its name, Moby Dick is not always the easiest to find — so if you spot it, have your harpoon on the ready. It’s waiting for you.

7. Haze Wreck

Best for: Stress and Depression Aroma: Citrus, Pine Misfortunes: Dry Eyes, Dizzy If you’re looking to get hazed out to optimal ‘wreck’ status, the perfect bud for you has arrived. You could call it the “perfect storm” of sativas — it’s a direct descendant of legendary strains, Haze and Trainwreck. Elegantly sporting its peppy orange hairs and vibrant green buds, Haze Wreck delivers a perfect experience for sativa fans. If you enjoy getting a little philosophical, asking the existential questions and getting your creativity focused, Haze Wreck is a fine choice. With a notorious head high that both relaxes and activates the mind, you’ll be transported to the next level. This euphoric strain is excellent for those seeking a solid case of the giggles and looking to vanquish the effects of stress and depression. Jump on this hazy train, it’ll be good for you.

8. Memory Loss

Best for: Stress, Depression and Fatigue Aroma: Sweet, Earthy Misfortunes: Dry Eyes, Dry Mouth Tired of the lag some strains bring? This turbulent sativa is strong, dank, and will keep you sharp enough to get through whatever chores you’ve been putting off — at least for a while. Don’t be mislead by its name, you won’t suffer complete amnesia after experiencing Memory Loss. It will give you an initial jolt upon consumption, then mellow you into a state of perfect relaxation. This mind-warping high can leave users a little forgetful, but what strain doesn’t? Just make sure your keys and phone are stored in a safe place. It’s all part of the experience. If you’d like a mental vacation and a fleeting escape from the stresses of everyday life, Memory Loss is going to deliver the fit. Enjoy its pungent aroma or peppery incense with a sweet aftertaste, and get lost for a while. You deserve it.

9. Mother Tongue

Best for: Appetite Stimulant Aroma: Mystery Myriad Misfortunes: Paranoia, Anxiety Mother Tongue is an exotic mix of Afgooey, Watermelon OG, and JOG Kush. With a family like that, Mother Tongue has its weed values in check. This vibrant sativa delivers on its unique flavours that stem from its eclectic lineage, you may taste sweet melons, a hint of berry or a spicy, earthy bite of freshly brewed coffee. Close your eyes and try to name them all. Aside from its unique flavour, the bud itself is a real beauty — boasting colours from pinks, purples, greens, red, and oranges. Ideal to use at the end of the day, this sativa offers up some indica like after effects. Deep physical relaxation with all the added features of a strong cerebral high, Mother Tongue is unique in every way and is a must-try if you haven’t spoken with her already

10. Shipwreck

Best for: Pain and Stress Aroma: Pine, Sweet Misfortunes: Dry Mouth, Dry Eyes If you’ve got the spirit of a seasoned treasure hunter, chart your way over to this Shipwreck. This potent sativa strain is ready to be uncovered and enjoyed if you’re seeking a strong body buzz and a more mellow high. While some sativas get your mental gears spinning, Shipwreck often leads to heavy eyelids and a lack of motivation if you aren’t careful with your intake. Boasting a sweet and woodsy flavour, its buds are frosty and packed with a dusting of crystals. Like most shipwrecks, this particular strain can be hard to find — so if you come across it, grab as much booty as you can before you miss your chance.

11. Kaboom

Best for: Pain and Stress Aroma: Pine, Sweet Misfortunes: Dry Mouth, Dry Eyes The name says it all: Kaboom. If you’re a more casual smoker, be wary of this powerful bud. It will send you straight against the walls with its mighty impact. Ideal for creative users, Kaboom will send your senses into hyperdrive and will illuminate your inspirations. Known for its crisp coat of glassy resin, it can be downright stupefying — so this is a good choice for users who are partial to being sent into a vortex of sativa-riddled stupor. Great as an instant mood booster, Kaboom’s stellar strength has the ability to eliminate both stress and pain. Some users say that Kaboom smells a lot like Pinesol but there’s no promise this bud will leave you squeaky clean.

12. Green Crack

Best for: Pain, Stress, and Fatigue Aroma: Earthy, Sweet Misfortunes: Dry Mouth Remember that notorious Whitney Houston quote “Crack is wack.” We tend to agree, you need not get into the wackness of crack, but you can have the next best thing. Green Crack is an effective sativa that will get even the most seasoned vets lifted and laughing. If you appreciate a bud that offers an energetic and happy feeling from head to toe, Green Crack never fails. Its high potency has made it a crowd favourite. With tightly compact buds bursting with THC and a gentle earthy sweet smell, you’ll be in for a mental buzz that will ward away stress, pain, and fatigue. Finally, a crack we can get on board with.

13. Asian Fantasy

Best for: Stress Aroma: Earthy, Skunk Misfortunes: Dry Mouth, Dry Eyes Asian Fantasy is a strain from the history books. For a long time, Asian Fantasy was rumoured to have gone extinct. However, this rare strain is still making elusive appearances. If you appreciate finding the evasive and uncommon strains, make your move swiftly when you see this one available. A perfect companion for gamers and movie bingers, this bud won’t lull you to sleep and won’t dull your instincts. It’s also great for the active smoker if you appreciate a little bud for your gym trips or long runs. Its mellow come-on and uplifting sativa qualities make it a great choice for daytime. A fruity scent finishes on a vinegar note, and its richly coloured green buds make it a fine strain to enjoy. Take a load off, forget about the stress — an Asian Fantasy is all you need.

14. Sugar Plum

Best for: Inflammation and Fatigue Aroma: Tropical, Plum Misfortunes: Dry Mouth, Dry Eyes Another member of our favourite Haze family, Sugar Plum hails from Stoney Girl Gardens. A lovely splice of Berkeley Blues and Hawaiian Haze Plum, Sugar Plum was — no surprise — another award-winner on our list. Take a ride on the breeze of tropical plum flavour, you’ll soon be wisped away to an altered state of mind. This bud is a hard-hitter with THC content as high as 28%, which makes it a top choice for medicinal use. Its powerful punch has helped calm the effects of severe pain, nausea, glaucoma, and mood disorders. Be sure to have your snacks ready, you’re going to be craving more than Sugar Plums once you get a taste of this.

15. Jesus OG

Best for: Stress and Depression Aroma: Citrus, Earthy Misfortunes: Dry Mouth, Dry Eyes Sweet baby Jesus, we have a prodigal son on our hands. Jesus OG was an immaculate conception of big name strains Hell’s Angel OG and Jack the Ripper. A great strain for social situations, you’ll be announcing your latest prophecies as it has helped users to both listen intently and come out of their shells. Just like the real Jesus. This has made Jesus OG a great strain for helping to calm stress and depression. Enjoy it’s blissful, euphoric high that will trickle through your body. With a lemony twist shining through its earthy aroma, and a solid high that will last 2-3 hours, we get where the whole “Jesus Saves” thing was really coming from

16. Brainstorm Haze

Best for: Pain and Muscle Spasms Aroma: Minty, Sweet Misfortunes: Dry Mouth, Dry Eyes Brainstorm Haze is a weed crowd pleaser and a staple among sativa lovers. Best known for its upbeat high and knack for instigating strong giggle fits, it’s a great selection for your next daytime adventure. Brainstorm Haze does come along with a reputation for creeping up on you so don’t be caught off guard if you don’t feel an instant impact. It is coming, trust us. Brainstorm Haze offers a refreshing minty flavour that tastes good, and it’s been proven to help with pain and muscle spasms. Enjoy this euphoric bud, you’ll definitely be back for more.

17. Emerald Jack

Best for: Stress and Depression Aroma: Minty, Sweet Misfortunes: Dry Mouth Emerald Jack is a dynamic hybrid of Jack Herer (see below). This beautiful bud has a rich emerald colour, decorated with clusters of vibrant orange hairs. With a minty and refreshing aroma, it has gained a reputation and made our list thanks to its aptitude for elevating users to a superior mood in a jiff. Offering a head-focused high, it wins points for allowing users to maintain their focus and productivity. If you’re up for a vivid happy daytime experience, this is a great bud to add to the mix

18. Jack Herer

Best for: Stress and Depression Aroma: Earthy, Pine Misfortunes: Dry Mouth, Dry Eyes Jack Herer is a classic for a reason, taking from some of our favourites: Haze, Northern Lights, and the Skunk family. With a lineage so exceptional, Jack Herer was a success from the start. We recommend Jack Herer for the smoker who enjoys getting their day started with a little help from the green stuff. It has been reported to transform the morning smoker into a happy, focused, and energized person. Maybe you can finally quit coffee with Jack Herer at your side? Its ability to turn frowns upside down make it optimal for individuals suffering from depression or stress. And with a rich earthy aroma that is just as enjoyable to smell as it is to smoke, we don’t see any faults in Jack Herer.

19. Allen Wrench

Best for: Stress and Depression Aroma: Earthy, Pine Misfortunes: Dry Mouth, Anxiety Hey, you can’t build Ikea furniture without it. Allen Wrench is a popular strain for sativa-lovers because it delivers all the fun-loving qualities you’d want to find in this family of buds. With a crisp and clean taste with hints of pine and a sour twist, it will linger around leaving your room with a fruity incense-like aroma. Allen Wrench is a long-lasting and potent bud that also boasts Instagram worthy good looks. With bold, deep green buds rippled with red hairs and dusted with white crystals — what’s not to love? Dank and potent, Allen Wrench helps users to combat stress and depression. Our only warning would be its strength. It will deliver a powerful cerebral experience. Altered state of mind? Pull out the Allen Wrench

20. Black Diesel

Best for: Stress and Pain Aroma: Pungent, Diesel Misfortunes: Dry Mouth, Dry Eyes If you haven’t heard of Black Diesel — where have you been? This infamous sativa strain is the proud winner of multiple Cannabis Cups. With the mecca of awards in its history, Black Diesel had cemented its position in the history books of epic strains. A loving creation of its parental strain NYC Diesel, Black Diesel has dense purple buds that will make your head turn. Aside from its stunning good looks, it delivers its potent kick with a strong pungent aroma that you’ll be able to smell from a distance. If you love sativas for their uplifting and energizing qualities, be careful with Black Diesel. This particular sativa is known to smoke more like an indica, leaving you calm, cool, and ready for bed.

21. Rene

Best for: Stress and Depression Aroma: Spicy, Sweet Misfortunes: Dry Mouth Named after the cannabis activist and artist Renee Boje, this sativa is most popular in fair Canada. With a sweet earthiness and pungent musky flavour, Rene is noted for its stress-relieving qualities and depression calming effects. With a smooth taste and a perfect amount of THC for when you just need a nice daytime lift, Rene won’t leave you plastered to your sofa and immobile. It’s all-around pleasant, friendly, and it’s a righteous choice for Canadians everywhere.

22. Kilimanjaro

Best for: Stress, Depression, and Fatigue Aroma: Spicy, Pungent Misfortunes: Dry Eyes Get ready to ascend one of sativas finest peaks — Kilimanjaro is a pure sativa fresh from the slopes of Tanzania. Like most mountain climbers will tell you, once you reach the summit you’ll be overcome with euphoria and happiness. Therefore it should be no surprise Kilimanjaro offers up the same effects upon smoking. Best known for its energetic and hyper effects, it’s a lovely choice for when you want to keep active and take all the colours in. With a spicy and pungent aroma and lemony aftertaste, this stellar strain will leave you smiling and yearning for adventure. Once you climb this bad boy, you’ll be smiling non-stop, so it’s great for depression, stress, and fatigue. An all-around great pick for the active smoker.

23. White Buffalo

Best for: Stress and Depression Aroma: Earthy, Sweet Misfortunes: Dry Eyes, Dry Mouth The White Buffalo is a sacred animal in Native American traditions, so treat this potent strain with the respect it deserves. This 80/20 sativa-dominant strain gets its best qualities from its direct family members Romulan and Blackberry Kush. The White Buffalo will first stampede through your mind, leaving it heavy for a few moments before the onslaught of euphoria kicks in. Not recommended for first time or novice users, this powerful beast with its myriad of psychoactive properties, is all power. For those more daring and experienced, this is a great and rare find — so fill your jars and indulge in its sacred magic.

24. Mako Haze

Best for: Insomnia and Stress Aroma: Citrus, Pine Misfortunes: Dry Eyes, Dry Mouth Getting its name from the world’s oldest and most perfectly designed predator — the shark — Mako Haze has the speed and power you’d expect. If you’re seeking the perfect sativa to get you up and going, this citrusy bud is a great way to jumpstart your mood. It has earned some clout for taking home 1st Prize at the 2006 High Times Cannabis Cup. Keeping to the nautical theme, users report Mako Haze as having the kind of high that comes in waves, crashing in on you right when you thought the trip was over. A perfect pairing for concerts and movies, you’re mind will be wandering into new places you hadn’t realized were there before.

25. Laughing Buddha

Best for: Depression and Stress Aroma: Spicy, Citrus Misfortunes: Dry Mouth, Dry Eyes Winner of the 2003 High Times Cannabis Cup in the sativa category, Laughing Buddha has been a fan favourite ever since. A full-bodied smoking experience, it offers all the happy, giggly effects the name implies. With beautiful big, frosty buds, it’s as nice to smoke as it is to admire. Strongly recommended for users combatting depression and stress, Laughing Buddha offers relaxation and mood elevation without ever inducing feelings of paranoia or anxiety. Life’s a little better with some Laughing Buddha in your life, so sit back and enjoy this world-class strain

26. Malawi

Best for: Stress and Headaches Aroma: Floral, Earthy Misfortunes: Paranoia, Anxiety This pure sativa strain was first cultivated in the Salima region of Malawi in Southeast Africa. Malawi has dapper good looks with vibrant green resin coated buds and a floral scent that lingers on. Users love its magnificent aroma and taste, however, this is a creeper and will take five to ten minutes to take full effect. Long lasting and potent, Malawi is great for treating headaches and stress. Yet, if you are susceptible to getting a touch sketched out, this bud just might activate your paranoia so play indoors where you feel safest.

27. Hawaiian Snow

Best for: Depression and Pain Aroma: Spicy, Earthy Misfortunes: Paranoia, Dry Mouth Hawaiian Snow has a powerful haze heritage, combining the best effects from classics like Neville’s Haze, Pure Haze, and Hawaiian Haze. Hawaiian Snow took home an award for top sativa at the 2003 Cannabis Cup winner. As a direct descendant of some of our favourite Haze sativa strains, it was bred for superiority. With an intense spicy-incense aroma with just a touch of mint, it will shroud you in a sense of euphoria and all-around brevity. It also boasts a generous helping of THC with levels measuring as high as 23%. Serving up a strong head buzz, it’s a good choice for social situations and when you need to get some creative work done.

28. Venice OG

Best for: Stress, Depression, and Fatigue Aroma: Citrus, Pine Misfortunes: Dry Eyes, Headache Named after California’s infamous beach city, you’ll be feeling those laid-back West Coast vibes in no time. Venice OG is a powerful sativa that is best known for its energizing effects. Packed full of crystals and emanating a strong pungent smell, this particular Californian is ideal for daytime. If you want to hit the beach, surf the waves, and just get a taste of the whole California lifestyle, this bud’s sure to transport you there

29. Bay 11

Best for: Depression and Insomnia Aroma: Sweet, Skunk Misfortunes: Dry Eyes, Headache We always love a puzzling-named bud. Bay 11 is shrouded with mysterious with unspecified genetics, but we do know it is related loosely to powerhouse Grand Daddy Purp. You’ll be able to spot Bay 11 for its pale minty buds, and spackle of amber resin filled hairs delicately peering through the leaves. This potent sativa strain offers a sweet, sweet smell reminiscent of your mom’s best sugar cookies. Upon smoking, it transforms into a more pungent skunky smell. Bay 11 has proven to work well to relax and uplift, which makes it ideal for those suffering from depression and insomnia. However, if you appreciate daytime use, smokers equally recommend it as it won’t cloud your mind.

30. Hempstar

Best for: Depression and Nausea Aroma: Pungent, Earthy Misfortunes: Dry Mouth, Dry Eyes Hempstar gets an all-around great rating from connoisseurs and novice users alike. With a unique aroma allusive to damp rainforests, it delivers on its promise to get you elevated above the canopy in no time. A solid choice for users looking to aide their depression, this sativa has gained its glowing reputation for being serving up a highly euphoric experience. It may be mellow, but that makes accomplishing your daily goals completely achievable no matter how elevated Hempstar gets you.

31. Fire Haze

Best for: Stress and Depression Aroma: Sweet, Earthy Misfortunes: Dry Mouth A true sativa through and through, Fire Haze is your perfect companion if you suffer from stress, anxiety, or headaches. This fast-acting strain will take your mind and rearrange it for you if you need a boost and a different perspective. Known for mental stimulation first and foremost, it also offers energizing effects and a little charismatic confidence in social gatherings. With a strong herbal flavour, and an all-around pleasurable smoking experience, Fire Haze is a must-try.

32. Ultimate Trainwreck

Best for: Stress and Pain Aroma: Spicy, Tropical Misfortunes: Dry Mouth, Dry Eyes If you’ve got little to do and don’t mind being dazed to the point of FUBAR, this bud’s for you. Ultimate Trainwreck is a mightily potent space trip waiting to happen. Its name says everything you need to know, really. Not a good choice if mental clarity is important to you — this bud is dense, colourful and gives users a powerful body buzz. It smells tropical and delicious, with a sweet aftertaste. Don’t make plans when Ultimate Trainwreck is on deck though, it’s not to be messed with. It’s pure power and punch have made it a great choice for users suffering from stress and pain

33. Sage n Sour

Best for: Fatigue, Stress, and Depression Aroma: Spicy, Sage Misfortunes: Paranoia, Anxiety and Dizziness Sage N Sour is a delicious sativa with flavours that perfectly reflect its moniker. With subtle herbal notes and a sweetly sour twist, it’s an aromatic bud to enjoy on your own or with friends. This potent sativa makes our list for being a perfectly balanced bud for sativa aficionados: energizing, uplifting, and euphoric. It is a great selection for combatting fatigue, which also makes it a strong candidate for daytime users. It is also effective in treating stress and depression thanks to its mood-lifting qualities. A great choice if you enjoy a buzz at the gym or like a little extra something when getting creative. Sage n Sour is a solid choice for more reasons than we have time to name.

34. Jack Skellington

Best for: Stress and Depression Aroma: Diesel, Citrus Misfortunes: Dry Eyes A little Nightmare Before Christmas reference for all you Tim Burton fans out there. Jack Skellington is the wunderkind creation of parents Killer Queen and Jack the Ripper. Well known for its crystal-coat and intense cerebral effects, Jack Skellington promises an intense psychoactive experience that will hyper jolt your creativity and is perfect for those who love an introspective smoking experience. Its diesel scent is also a notable attribute that hints to its potent power. Careful with this one, buds. It’s a real trip.

35. Crystal Coma

Best for: Stress, Depression, and Pain Aroma: Floral, Earthy Misfortunes: Dry Mouth, Dizziness Crystal Coma is another rare sativa on our list, so keep your eyes peeled for its next appearance at a dispensary near you. After taking home third place in the 2014 L.A. Cannabis Cup, it has made a name for itself among marijuana lovers from all reaches. With snowy green buds clustered in crystals, Crystal Coma stays true to its namesake. No surprise, it’s THC levels are sky high, measuring in at up to 26%. Known to be effective in treating anxiety, PTSD, pain, and insomnia, this is no strain for casual users. It’s going to take a seasoned vet to tame this potent bud.

36. Jamaican Pearl

Best for: Stress Aroma: Tropical, Earthy Misfortunes: Dry Mouth, Dry Eyes Jamaican Pearl is as tropical and sweet as its name would have you expect. This potent bud is leafy and deep in colour, but just because it may not be as dense as some of the other sativas on the list, doesn’t mean it won’t hit you hard. It washes stress and anxiety away and will leave you with an open and curious mind. Noted for being cheery and uplifting, it’s a Jamaican holiday you can have on a much smaller budget. Users should note, the Jamaican Pearl is a known creeper so expect a few minutes before you’re shipped away to paradise.

37. Island Sweet Skunk

Best for: Depression, Stress, and Pain Aroma: Sweet, Skunk Misfortunes: Dry Mouth, Dry Eyes f you’re not familiar with Island Sweet Skunk, you best be planning to change that. This powerful and popular strain is a huge crowd pleaser and packs a potent punch. With bright golden hairs and lush full buds, it has been a top choice for personal and medicinal usage. Its heightened CBD content helps to treat anxiety, depression, pain, and muscle spasms, with users reporting countless more ailments this sativa has helped to calm. With a fruity sweet smell and a high that will take your mood from 0 to 100 quick, it’s a must try. Be careful though. Right when you think it’s over — it ain’t over, my friends

38. Dirty Girl

Best for: Stress and Depression Aroma: Sweet, Citrus Misfortunes: Dry Mouth, Paranoia The dirtiest girls are never the ones you’d expect. Dirty Girl might look like just your average blonde bud but she’s no angel. This beautiful cross of Arcata Lemon Wreck and Cinderella 99 is a favourite for daytime use. It’s notorious for its intense mind high and leaving users alert and primed for action. It’s dank pungent citrus smell and 24% THC content is a righteous combination that makes Dirty Girl a great addition to your sativa collection. Great for anxiety, depression, and fatigue, some might say this Dirty Girl gets you “too” active. If you’d rather lay on the couch, find yourself a ‘Netflix and Chill’ kind of girl, this one’s going to keep you up all night.

39. Acapulco Gold

Best for: Depression and Stress Aroma: Pungent, Sweet Misfortunes: Dry Mouth Acapulco Gold is arguably one of the most well-known strains around. And for good reason, Acapulco Gold has been equated to a five-star resort fresh from the latest issue of Conde Nast Traveller. Hailing from the all-around the Acapulco region in Mexico, it can be spotted by its vibrant orange hairs and golden hue. With a thick sweet smell that would remind one of sticky toffee pudding, it’s a well-balanced bud that never fails to please. With a reputation for effectively treating stress and depression, it’s long lasting and won’t leave you feeling plastered in place. You’ll still have the energy to get up and get your day going with vigor.

40. Candy Jack

Best for: Stress and Depression Aroma: Pine, Citrus Misfortunes: Dry Mouth, Dry Eyes Candy Jack is a sweet sativa strain that has made its mark on our list for its ability to swiftly boost both your mood and your dreams. With a robust citrus aroma, it’s fragrant smell comes courtesy of its cousin Skunk #1. It’s a lovely choice for those suffering from stress, depression, and loss of appetite. But knowing that, be aware you’re going to need some snacks on hand for this sweet bud. It will leave you focused and creative, allowing your mind to expand and be susceptible to muses.

41. Lemon Jack

Best for: Stress and Depression Aroma: Citrus, Sweet Misfortunes: Dry Mouth, Anxiety Lemon Jack is the whimsical son of previously noted, Jack Herer. With a classic father figure to live up to, Lemon Jack does his daddy proud. With a strong lemon smell that is both distinct and pungent, there will be no mystery about how Lemon Jack earned its name. Celebrated for its strong psychoactive effects that will energize with the same power as a strong dark roast coffee. It’s ideal for daytime and will help to take the edge off your stress and depression. Regard Lemon Jack as weed jet fuel because it will light you up and keep you on the bright side.

42. Matanuska Thunder Fuck

Best for: Depression, Fatigue, and Stress Aroma: Earthy, Pine Misfortunes: Dry Mouth, Dry Eyes Matanuska Thunder Fuck has a name all its own. It’s an attention grabber and the bud is worthy of its bold memorable moniker. First grown in the Matanuska Valley grasslands, it boasts alluring looks. Frosty, snowy buds that are complemented by an equally pine fresh taste, Matanuska Thunder Fuck is notorious for its slow come on and deafening full body buzz. It acts fast and takes hold in moments, that will up your energy and leave you smiling. It’s highly recommended for smokers seeking a heavy high and euphoric calm

43. Sour Tangie

Best for: Stress and Depression Aroma: Citrus, Diesel Misfortunes: Dry Mouth, Dizziness Sour Tangie is an elevating strain that will get your head right. Offering a sweet blend of citrus aroma with a touch of that strong diesel-like scent, you know you’re in for a strong experience. Sour Tangie has been effective in combatting stress thanks in large part to its reputation for its smile-inducing and energetic qualities. If you fear strains that leave your mind hazy, Sour Tangie is an excellent choice. It’s best known for keeping users motivated and on point, so it can be used in the daytime without wrecking your ability to get through your to-do list.

44. Blue Satellite

Best for: Pain Aroma: Blueberry, Sweet Misfortunes: Dizziness, Dry Mouth Blue Satellite has arrived and is ready to send you into orbit. With potent THC content, this strain sets in quickly and is best known for its vibrant and vivid cerebral effects. If you’re wary of introspective mind experiences, stay clear. Once Blue Satellite takes hold, it will have you in its claws for a long time. With a blueberry taste and powerful ability to ward off symptoms of pain, Blue Satellite is a delicious way to get your medicine. Known to give users a happy, euphoric, and creative high, it’s a great choice for daytime.

45. Shangri La

Best for: Stress, Depression, and Pain Aroma: Pungent, Citrus Misfortunes: Dry Mouth, Dry Eyes If you’ve never been to Shangri La, pack your bags. Named for the mythical valley of utopia, Shangri La is aptly titled. It’s best known for transporting users to a peaceful mindset, laced with happiness and relaxation. A sweet and mellow strain, it’s both uplifting — which helps with stress and sadness — and potent enough to tackle pain. Its dank buds boast a ripe and earthy taste that will keep you smiling for hours on end. Get enlightened and take a dose of this heaven, it’s been waiting for you

46. Casey Jones

Best for: Stress and Depression Aroma: Sweet, Earthy Misfortunes: Dry Mouth, Paranoia If you’re one of those epic 90’s kids we love, you’re familiar with Casey Jones. One of our favourite none-turtles from the Ninja Turtle series, Casey Jones is deadly and a bad ass. Shouldn’t your weed be too? A potent cross between Oriental Express and Sour Diesel, Casey Jones has all the earthy, sweet taste of a palatable bud and the uplifting effects you want in a sativa. Casey Jones produces pleasant sativa effects that won’t leave you comatose and has the potential to release your creativity.

47. Blue Bayou

Best for: Nausea and Stress Aroma: Sweet Misfortunes: Headaches, Paranoia Blue Bayou is a sweet strain that isn’t smooth, but it can pack a potent punch for users in search of a psychoactive experience. Its uplifting sativa qualities have made it a solid choice amongst users combatting stress, and it also will eliminate nausea without a hitch. It has a sweet blueberry taste, like most of the “blue” named strains on our list, and it’s solid. However, some users have claimed that Blue Bayou can bring on a headache and activate the paranoid smoker. Play with caution.

48. Berkeley

Best for: Stress and Depression Aroma: Pungent, Sweet Misfortunes: Anxiety, Dry Eyes Apparently, Berkeley was created in the famous California university of the same name. This is a botany project gone so right, so let’s all raise a glass to post-secondary students doing the good work for us. Berkeley is classified as an overachiever with sky-high THC content that will send you soaring. It acts fast and can impress even the most seasoned smoker. With a buzzy effect that gets your mind elevated and activated, you’ll watch symptoms of stress and depression fall away. Some users do claim it brings on some paranoia and anxiety, so don’t overdo this bud. All around, we give this scholarly bud a clean 4.0 average.

49. God’s Green Crack

Best for: Depression, Stress, and Pain Aroma: Sweet, Earthy Misfortunes: Dry Mouth, Anxiety We’ve already made merry mention of Green Crack, another legendary sativa strain — but with a name like God’s Green Crack, this might be better. This holy strain is exceptional in all regards, but like many powerful buds, it can lead to anxiety if you take more than you bargained for. Offering users both head and body effects, you get a full experience that will leave you in a state of pure awe. Not advised for the faint of heart, this one’s a real power strain. Its potency has made it a top medicinal choice for a number of ailments including depression, stress, and pain. Play safely, this isn’t just any green crack, it’s God’s.

50. Jean Guy

Best for: Stress and Depression Aroma: Citrus, Diesel Misfortunes: Dry Mouth Jean Guy is another Canadian strain making its name known far and wide. It could be developing a loyal following in large part to its exceptional THC content. Related to classic strain White Widow, it’s got epic genes to flaunt. With a name suitable for a French Canadian, the romantic bud has a reputation for not only combating stress and depression but getting users a little randy. If you like a bud that ups your passion and makes your nerve endings light up like a Christmas tree, Jean Guy could be the guy for you. With its frosted dark green leaves masking its pale potent buds, you’ll see the mass of crystals gleaming for you. Its energizing and uplifting qualities make Jean Guy a perfect strain for daytime — but not always ideal for great focus.

51. Twista

Best for: Depression, Stress, and Headaches Aroma: Citrus, Sweet Misfortunes: Dry Mouth Getting twisted just got a whole lot easier. Twista delivers a wallop of all the best things you could want from a sativa: high THC content, invigorating effects, and a head buzz you’d write home about. Taking 3rd place in the 2014 Denver Cannabis Cup, this award winner has been on our radar and you’ll want to give it a try next time you see it available. With a rousing citrus aroma, and beautiful bright dense buds, it’s fun you can smoke, vape, ingest, or show your friends. What more is there to say, really?

52. Amnesia Haze

Best for: Stress and Depression Aroma: Earthy, Citrus Misfortunes: Dry Mouth, Dry Eyes First made popular in Amsterdam coffee shops, Amnesia Haze has been a staple ever since it took 1st place in the 2004 Sativa Cup. The smell is an earthy citrus that you’ll notice the moment it hits. Ideal for those social situations when you’ve got epic stories to tell. It’s energizing, uplifting and despite its name, you won’t be able to forget about it once you’ve given it a taste. Lasting up to four hours. You’ll experience euphoria and optimism. Like it’s other Haze family members, this one can get your eyelids weighed down, so try it at the end of the day. It will have you saying “Damnesia!”

53. Durban Poison

Best for: Depression and Stress Aroma: Sweet, Pine Misfortunes: Dry Mouth, Dry Eyes Originally created in the South African port of Durban, this poison has gained notoriety around the globe for its sweet smell and powerful sativa effects. This daytime easy strain promises an instant lift, a spark of creativity, and will keep you productive when there are tasks at hand. Known for it’s robust, big buds and thick creamy coat of crystals, it’s a quality choice among many who know it. Thanks to its uplifting effects, it’s a great choice for users suffering from depression and stress. And unlike other strains that will get you stoned and heavy, this one will do the opposite, adding an extra sense of awakeness you didn’t think possible

54. Triple Diesel

Best for: Insomnia Aroma: Diesel, Sweet Misfortunes: Dry Mouth When something works, why not triple it? Triple Diesel is a perfect partner in crime for users searching for a focused and thoughtful strain that won’t place any barriers between them and their daily tasks at hand. However, to appreciate it is to enjoy it in small doses, as this potent bud can easily feel like a powerful indica and leave you crawling towards a flat surface if you’re not careful. Too much and your brain will be on vacation, and you’ll have no way to beckon it back to you for a few hours. This makes Triple Diesel a rare sativa that can be used to treat insomnia. Euphoric, happy, and all-around good times, Triple Diesel has the signature petrol smell and a hearty punch you best prepare for.

55. Panama Red

Best for: Depression, Fatigue, and Stress Aroma: Citrus, Tea Misfortunes: Dry Mouth, Dry Eyes Users — old and new — have likely heard of Panama Red. Best described as an old-school classic, it’s been providing solid highs since the 1960’s and hasn’t shown any signs of stopping. It serves up an eclectic mix of effects that sativa lovers will appreciate: speed, intensity, and some sot psychedelics. No wonder it was such a 60’s standout. Great for treating symptoms of depression, fatigue, and stress, it’s an aromatic bud that tastes and smells like herbal tea. Now competing with a wide array of choices, don’t disregard this golden oldie. Some classics are classics for a reason

56. Charlotte’s Web

Best for: Pain and Stress Aroma: Floral, Earthy Misfortunes: Dry Mouth, Dizziness Charlotte’s Web is widely regarded as an all-around exceptional strain. Its potent powers have been known to help with treating seizures, but it’s been equally successful in treating pain and stress. Hailing from Colorado originally, it has garnered a huge following by medicinal users because it doesn’t make you jittery or paranoid and is low on psychoactive effects that aren’t everyone’s cup of tea. With a pleasant floral aroma and an incredible track record of helping young and old dealing with seizures, we could never leave out Charlotte’s Web. It’s one of our favourite bedtime classics.

57. Voodoo

Best for: Pain and Headaches Aroma: Pungent, Earthy Misfortunes: Dry Mouth A little bit of voodoo for you spooky users out there. Voodoo is a spellbinding sativa that will cast its dark magic on you, leaving you euphoric and uplifted for a long time after it sets in. That’s the kind of voodoo we’re talking about. With a fresh and earthy aroma and dark dank buds, this crystal-coated bundle of fun is worthy of your next daytime adventure. It energizes and is powerful enough to vanquish both pain and headaches. You’ll feel it from the first hit and it will do you good for the hours that follow. So be poised for this potent bud, it’s intense and just what the doctor ordered.

58. Aloha

Best for: Depression and Fatigue Aroma: Tropical, Sweet Misfortunes: Dry Mouth, Dry Eyes Well, Aloha my friends. This tropical treat is a fluffy green bud that can be recognized by its wispy white hairs and lavish sparkling crystals. A top choice for treating depression and fatigue, this sativa strain is also effective in warding off headaches and pain. The aroma stays true to its Hawaiian name, with a tropical sweet taste that will have you in a mental paradise in no time flat. Novice and casual users should note that Aloha may sound friendly, but can be dangerously powerful so be mindful of your dose. It promises an energizing and euphoric experience that will have your mind sipping Mai Tais.

59. Kali Mist

Best for: Stress and Appetite Stimulant Aroma: Earthy, Citrus Misfortunes: Dry Mouth, Anxiety First making its appearance in the 90’s, Kali Mist has been quietly ascending to legendary status for its clear-headed and energetic effects. Better still, its qualities have been noted to be potent enough to have users on the brim of a psychedelic experience. With buds boasting an incredible amount of crystals, these small nuggets are bursting with the THC that seasoned smokers are after. This lovely sativa strain is great for stimulating your appetites and eliminating stress in its wake. And with a full-bodied citrus flavour, you’re going to love its fruit forward nods to an island getaway. It promises a euphoric, clear, and energetic experience — a true sativa all around.

60. Super Snow Dog

Best for: Stress and Depression Aroma: Floral, Citrus Misfortunes: Dry Mouth, Anxiety This strain will make anyone a dog lover. Super Snow Dog, also known as Snow Dawg or G6, is a sativa that comes directly from the infamous Chemdawg family. Ideal for treating stress and depression, users love this strain’s pure numbing-warmth and the way it flows all the way through the body from head to foot. With an illustrious smell that is pungent, earthy, floral and citrus — it has to be whiffed to be believed. Excellent for daytime use and an added boost of energy, the Super Snow Dog delivers a superb upbeat experience.

61. Chocolope

Best for: Stress and Depression Aroma: Chocolate, Earthy Misfortunes: Dry Mouth Chocolope took first place overall at the Vancouver Cannabis Cup just a few years ago, and it deserves its place in the history books. It serves up a powerful euphoric mental shift and is a stellar choice for combatting stress and depression. We can say from experience, we saw the horizon flip when we smoked this dreamy strain. Colours were brighter, food was better, and music sounded like never before. True to its name, the bud tastes just like chocolate. Hard to believe, but even skeptics have been dumbfounded by its sweet chocolate flavour. You’ll have a smile painted across your face and be on high alert for shenanigans. The chocolope has to be experienced to be believed.

62. Frostbite

.Best for: Pain, Depression, Insomnia, Appetite Stimulant and Stress Aroma: Skunk, Earthy Misfortunes: Dizziness, Headache Frostbite is a young sativa strain making its debut in 2012. It boasts beautiful crystals and dark red hairs on its fluffy tight buds. It smells just like it tastes: earthy, skunky, and pungent — and it will hit you quick and take you hard. Some users say its strong scent reminds them of tea. It’s been successful in helping patients dealing with a whole slew of symptoms from depression, insomnia, lack of appetite, and stress to name a few. Unlike a lot of sativas, Frostbite tends to keep your body feeling weighed down, so we recommend using this bad boy during the evening. It’s great with a movie

63. Super Silver Haze

Best for: Stress and Depression Aroma: Citrus, Earthy Misfortunes: Dry Mouth, Dry Eyes Super Silver Haze was the first prize winner at the High Times Cannabis Cup three years in a row. Therefore, we’re perfectly comfortable calling it a super sativa. This sticky bud is best known for its long-lasting energetic highs that will keep you feeling uplifted and positive throughout the ride. It’s a wonderful remedy for users who are battling stress, depression, nausea, and lack of appetite. Knowing that, you’ll want to keep some food close by because you’ll be needing it soon.

64. Cinex

Best for: Stress and Depression Aroma: Earthy, Citrus Misfortunes: Dry Mouth Cinex is a premium strain for creative types looking to amp up their productivity and get a little inspiration from mother nature’s finest plant. An earthy aroma with a citrus twist, Cinex delivers a clear-headed and positive mindset that is never out of fashion. It will help to suppress pain and depression and offers up a pleasant mellow head high and light relaxation. Cinex helps to wash away worries and is potent enough to serve up some body effects as well. It’s a great sativa for daytime use, and if you’re partial to the wake-and-bake thing — this is one you’re going to love

65. Shaman

Best for: Stress and Depression Aroma: Sweet, Floral Misfortunes: Dry Mouth, Dry Eyes and Dizziness Tired of modern medicine trying to dictate how you live your life? Time for the Shaman to do his good work. This sativa is as dank as they come, with a pungent floral smell that can penetrate walls. Its energizing qualities make it great for daytime use and has been effective for patients combating stress and depression. Its powerful potency has also helped users with chronic pain. It’s a sativa-dominant strain bred from Purple #1 and Skunk. This stinky, uplifting strain, originally crafted by Dutch Passion, is a welcome complement to patients seeking assistance with depression, anxiety, and chronic pain. Some also experience moderate psychedelic effects at higher dosages, speaking to the strong heady effects inherent in this stimulating genetic cross.

66. Willie Nelson

Best for: Stress and Depression Aroma: Pungent, Earthy Misfortunes: Dry Mouth, Dry Eyes, Headache The only thing that would make this iconic sativa better would be matching braids and a bandana. Willie Nelson is a sativa strain celebrated for its euphoric and creative effects. These dark green buds are an ultimate pick-me-up, with many users claiming it has been an exceptional aide in combating stress and depression. With a dank, pungent smell that clearly says “try me.” Promising a clear-headed and transcendent experience, this famously named bud is worthy of its name. We recommend this to all the musicians out there who enjoy an extra high during their jam sessions and performances. It’s Willie Nelson after all.

67. Red Haze

Best for: Stress and Depression Aroma: Earthy, Pine Misfortunes: Dry Mouth Another classic sativa strain first made popular in the 1970’s, this disco and rock n’ roller bud came fresh from Columbia. While it may not be a common find, some of the best strains are the ones you’ll have to wait for. If you happen to see this elusive hued haze, take a cue and give it a try. Its forest fresh fragrance and dense buds covered in vivid red hairs will leave users with an inspired cerebral experience. It starts with a pleasant light-headed sensation and then quickly transforms into a full cup of coffee, energizing users and getting them buzzed for the day. Don’t play with this one at night if you’re hoping to sleep, Red Haze does the opposite. It may be rare, but it’s worth it.

68. Harlequin

Best for: Pain and Stress Aroma: Earthy, Sweet Misfortunes: Dry Mouth, Dry Eyes Daddy’s Little Monster, Harlequin, has made our list for one of our sativa strain favourites. This direct descendant of Columbia Gold is a go-to for patients suffering from pain and stress. Boasting an unusual ability to relax users without leaving them feeling sedated and the power to relieve pain without users feeling intoxicated, Harlequin is a well-rounded strain that is all benefits for medicinal users. Offering a mellow, uplifting, and energetic high, with a sweet mango-like flavour that makes it all the more pleasurable to indulge in. And finally, just when you thought this bud couldn’t get any better, its CBD:THC ratio makes it well balanced with little to no paranoia to show. Damn, we’re into this one

69. Dr. Grinspoon

Best for: Depression, Stress, and Fatigue Aroma: Earthy, Pungent Misfortunes: Dry Mouth, Dry Eyes A pure sativa that is on a mission to satisfy both connoisseurs and intellectuals alike. Named after Harvard Professor and cannabis advocate Lester Grinspoon, it fittingly promises to activate your mind. It’s an ideal selection for creative and introspective thinkers as it brings on heightened cerebral activity and sensory awareness. With pale, crystal coated buds that are jam-packed with THC, Dr. Grinspoon is not for the faint of heart. This hyper-potent bud has THC levels measuring in at 25%. Brace yourself for a strong sativa high that will have your thoughts coming in a mile a minute and a tingly sensation that will lap over your body like an ocean wave. A stellar choice for medicinal users who battle with depression, stress, and fatigue. Dr. Grinspoon is going to school you — you’ll feel it the moment it’s in your system.

70. Maui Wowie

Best for: Stress and Depression Aroma: Pineapple, Sweet Misfortunes: Dry Mouth Maui Wowie is a classic, and there’s no way we could finish this list without it. Best known for its sweet tropical flavours and stress-diminishing magic, it’s the best trip to Hawaii you’ll have this year without spending on airfare. Serving up high-energy euphoria, this island-born strain is a mellow sativa that activates motivation and creativity. You’ll be able to maintain your productivity when used during the daytime. It’s become a medicinal favourite for patients battling stress and depression, so if you find yourself having a blue Monday — just grab one of these buds. It will leave you smiling, lighthearted, and clear-headed enough that maybe people won’t notice how stoned you really are

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