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Tesla Hash: Effects, Benefits, and How to Smoke It

Tesla Hash

Hash is the oldest cannabis concentrate. This product has been around for more than thousands of years. Even if this is a traditional cannabis concentrate, there are still plenty of cannabis users enjoying the potent effects of hash (hashish).

These days you can find other potent cannabis concentrates in the market, but you cannot beat this classic product. When you visit an online dispensary, you’ll find not one but multiple variations of hash. They contain different strains of cannabis, so you can choose a product that will suit your needs.

Tesla hash is one of the popular hashish in the cannabis market. It’s a potent and relaxing strain that you’ll keep coming back for more. If you want to try the finest hash on the market, here’s what you need to know about this hashish.

What is Tesla Hash?

GrassLife - Tesla Hash

Tesla Hash is a high-end import of hash from Afghanistan, where growing marijuana is a common practice and time-honoured custom. The rugged mountainous regions of Afghanistan’s northern provinces provide the highest quality of plants. Despite their harsh conditions and uninhabitable mountain regions, they are home to numerous Indica landrace strains.

These unique cannabis strains acquire several characteristics, such as increased trichome production. This enables them to endure the harsh conditions of Afghanistan’s highlands and the production of a good hash product. This concentrate has an earthy, pungent, and pine-like flavour present in most of Afghanistan’s Indica landrace strains.


Tesla hashish is a relaxing and euphoric strain because it contains strong soothing properties that will keep your mind grounded. As this happens, you can relax and become drowsy. Be aware that taking excessive quantities of this concentrate may also cause you to feel sleepy or hungry. That’s why, to enjoy the calming and euphoric effects, take this hash in moderation. 

The smoke is moderate, smooth, and has a sedative and calming effect that resembles old-school hash.


This concentrate can provide relief if you experience frequent headaches or pain. Additionally, it can assist you if you are currently experiencing trouble eating because of anxiety or despair. As you may know, Indica strains do not only have sedating effects but the “munchies.” Since this strain can increase appetite, it’s excellent for patients with eating disorders or loss of appetite. The calming and sedating effects are great for patients who have trouble sleeping. In high doses, you can start to feel drowsy.

How to Use a Hash?

Hash has typically been ingested orally as a solid or blended into a drink like the popular bhang in India. You can also smoke hash alone or in combination with other buds. The latter is the most common way modern cannabis users prefer, so here are different ways to smoke hash.

Pipe or Bong

This approach is the most popular and simplest by far. For a better smoking experience, prime your hash before putting it in your bong or pipe.

Put your hash on a key or spoon and use a gentle flame to melt it until it has a crumbly, soft texture. After the hash is softer, crush it using your fingers and add some to your pipe. You can smoke the hash or add a cannabis bud.

Joint or Spliff

Depending on how and what you like to smoke, there are a few various ways you can do this.

Get your rolling paper, tobacco, and weed ready beforehand. After preparing your joint or spliff, before sealing, add the hash. You can cook the hash, spread it over the weed, and then roll.

Some individuals prefer to roll their hash into a snake if malleable. You can be creative when adding the concentrate. You can even shape your hash into a joint-sized snake.


Hash doesn’t work in a standard vape pen. But a tabletop vaporizer or volcanic vaporizer makes good use of it. When using hash, consider the age and moisture content since this will affect how you set up the volcano. Experienced users advise mixing dried herbs with the hash and operating the volcano as usual.


Dabbing is the practice of using a dab rig to smoke a concentrate. There is some equipment required when dabbing. The setup features a dab nail that needs to be heated using a portable torch.

Start by lighting your torch and placing the flame directly onto the nail until it is red hot. Put the glass dome over the nail after it is red hot and turn off your flame. Then, using your dabber, dab your hash or other substance straight onto the nail inside the dome before inhaling.

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Frequently Asked Questions?

How is hash produced?

When making hashish, the kief must be separated from the rest of the plant and transformed into blocks or balls of hash. There are numerous kief extraction techniques (from silk screens to sift it or ice to freeze and break off the trichomes).

What distinguishes marijuana and hash from one another?

The two main distinctions between hash and marijuana are each product’s shape and potency. Hash is a very potent block or ball that can be sticky and occasionally crumbly. Meanwhile, marijuana is a dried flower that is potent but not as strong as a hash.

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