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Should You Buy Cheap Shatter? Discover What Experts Are Saying

Shatter, a cannabis concentrate boasting a THC content ranging from 75 to 85%, captivates the attention of numerous cannabis aficionados. This surge in interest in potent cannabis products has consequently spurred the emergence of budget-friendly options.

With the accessibility of cheap shatter comes the natural query: 

Are these products safe for consumption? Is it prudent to procure discounted shatter from online sources?

House Shatter – Darth Vader-cannabisden
House Shatter – Darth Vader

What is Canada Shatter?

A high-quality shatter distinguishes itself by its solvent-based extraction method, unlike solventless cannabis extracts like rosin, hash, and kief. Its production involves extraction with butane, ethanol alcohol, or CO₂, and results in a product rich in cannabinoids.

In appearance, shatter exhibits a spectrum of colours, from a pale yellow to a deep, amber-like brown, influenced by the materials used in the extraction process. Its inherent glass-like consistency allows for easier fragmentation than denser concentrates like budder.

Should You Buy Shatter Online with a Cheap Price Tag?

Buying cheap shatter doesn’t necessarily imply inferior potency compared to high-quality shatter. Manufacturers use trim rather than nugs to create affordable shatter, which potentially results in a different experience. 

Online, prices for budget-friendly shatter begin at $10 per gram, a considerable reduction from the $30-$50 range. Within this bracket, shatter can be hovering around the $20 mark.

Remains of cannabis plants after undergoing meticulous trimming before distribution.These are usually unsuitable for direct sales.Trim presents an opportunity for sustainable utilization through the production of shatter.Darker in appearanceCheaperQuality is subjectiveFrom premium cannabis budsNo exogenous plant matterGolden and glass-like in appearanceHigh potency

The answer to the question of whether you should opt for affordable shatter is somewhat subjective. Among cannabis enthusiasts, there’s a widespread acknowledgment that nug shatter offers a distinct advantage over trim varieties.

The THC potency remains consistent across both nug and trim shatter products, contingent upon the extraction method.

Nug shatter exudes a superior aroma owing to its extraction from a cannabis plant rich in terpenes. Trim shatter concentrates struggle to attain the same robust and multifaceted scents. Nug shatter also embodies the essence of terpenes, while trim concentrates often carry hints of chlorophyll.

Those seeking to savour the distinct flavour of a premium cannabis strain, as opposed to a generic plant taste, naturally gravitate towards nug shatter. Many attest that to consume shatter made of nugs boasts a smoother texture that minimizes irritation to the throat and lungs. Some opt for trim shatter as a means to economize without compromising entirely on quality.

How are Nug and Trim Shatter Made?

The process of producing this concentrate aligns with that of other cannabis extracts, with a notable focus on the post-extraction phase. 

Manufacturers create shatter by channelling a pressurized solvent through a chamber filled with plant material. This solvent effectively isolates the desired cannabinoids and terpenes from the plant matter, a process followed by purging to eliminate residual solvents.

Despite the option to utilize other solvents, butane remains the prevailing choice for producing butane hash oil or BHO. Alternatives like liquefied petroleum gases (LPG) or ethanol also find utility in shatter production. Unlike carbon dioxide (CO2) extraction commonly used for other cannabis concentrates, CO2-extracted shatter deviates in texture due to the extraction method’s removal of plant moisture.

Should You Buy Cheap Shatter Discover What Experts Are Saying

Benefits of Shatter

Both expensive and affordable shatter may exhibit variances in their composition, yet they also possess commonalities, such as the advantages they provide to users.

  • Fast-acting: Shatter is notably potent, even in small amounts, when used with a dab rig or vape pen. Its effects can manifest within minutes, which can be attractive to individuals seeking relief from chronic pain or anxiety, as well as recreational users desiring a heightened experience.
  • Economical: Buying shatter online is a practical choice, not just because of its affordability. With shatter, even small quantities can deliver the desired effects, which offers longevity compared to traditional buds.
  • Variety of Usage: Your cannabis consumption doesn’t have to be limited to smoking alone. There are alternative methods that are gentler on the body than smoking. For instance, dabbing and vaping offer ways to enjoy a concentrated form of cannabis.
  • Stable Shelf Life: If stored correctly, flowers can maintain their freshness for anywhere between six months to a year. Shatter can retain its freshness for a year or more, provided it’s stored meticulously in an airtight container to minimize air exposure and kept in optimal conditions—cool, dry, and shielded from light.

Best Shatter to Try

Potluck – Hybrid Shatter

  • Brand: Potluck
  • Amount: 1 gram
  • Effects: Euphoric, focused, creative, and relaxing
  • Flavour and aroma: Berry, Citrus, Sweet | Earthy, Blueberry, Orange

Premium Shatter – Mint Chocolate Chip

  • Amount: 2 grams
  • Effects: Happy, calming, and uplifting body
  • Flavour and aroma: Herbal, Mint, Nutty | Earthy, Herbal, Pine

Explore the Best Prices of Shatter Online at GrassLife

GrassLife, based in Canada, stands out as an online cannabis dispensary that caters to both recreational and medical cannabis users with a diverse array of shatter concentrates. From budget-friendly choices to more premium selections, there’s something for every budget without sacrificing quality.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the best place to buy cheap shatter?

Online Canada dispensaries emerge as the optimal choice for those seeking budget-friendly cannabis concentrates such as shatter. This preference stems from the accessible pricing structure offered by online dispensaries, where users can explore various discounts and promotions that ultimately reduce overall expenses.

Why is shatter a great alternative to using flower?

Shatter indeed holds a stronger potency than flower. It also presents an economical advantage, as you require only a small quantity to attain the desired high compared to flower consumption.

What is the difference between online shatter and physical dispensary shatter?

None. Online and physical dispensaries offer the same shatter. The key distinction lies in the shopping experience each provides. When you choose online shopping, you gain access to a broader array of options, all conveniently available in one place. Online purchases also often come with the added benefit of lower prices and the convenience of having your chosen items shipped directly to your location.

Is buying bulk shatter a good choice?

It is indeed a favourable choice for individuals who enjoy consuming shatter all the time, whether for recreational relaxation or medicinal purposes. This option allows you to conveniently stock up on your supplies, with the added benefit of discounts for bulk purchases.

What type of shatter online is available?

There are numerous shatter weed options available online, with categorizations like hybrid, Indica, or Sativa. Each plant type presents a distinct set of effects influenced by the predominant terpenes and cannabinoids within them.

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