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Z Farm

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The Z-strain mushrooms have high potency that may alter your visuals slightly. The potency feature in the strain also causes increased creative whims. Get out your projects, write some music, create art with this strain! Z-strain magic mushrooms are the best fungi for you if you are looking for a strain that will help you complete your work immediately. It also gives a feeling of enlightenment and philosophy, allowing one to connect more with nature.

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5 reviews for Z Farm

  1. aclarke500 (verified owner)

    These guys are really nice. Weightings are on par (expect nothing less from Grasslife at this point). I’ve tripped with them twice, once I mixed them with a hearty protein shake w/ milk, banana, and whey powder…dropped three grams and didn’t trip too hard. Last night I took 3.5 grams on an empty stomach and boy, was it a nice experience. I was tripping balls, but not in a scary way. Had some philosophical thoughts, very interesting visuals (kept seeing eyes and faces everywhere, but they were chill), and had some long thoughts about why I should kill mosquitoes and what does it mean to be a dog. I was hoping to address some personal issues in my life, but I didn’t really get around to it. Would take off a star for that, but this strain was not advertised as doing that so I can’t complain. Both times I’ve wanted more guidance then I got from them, but this just tells me I’m either not ready for it, or, more useful for whoever’s reading this, take these if you wanna have fun! If you’re gonna have a little forest hippie dance party, this is the strain for that!

  2. Korben (verified owner)

    Tried this one on micro dose, I felt a small high like thc

  3. amandaarruda (verified owner)

    Good stuff, fun visuals and textures were amazing. Overall a good time. Will order again.

  4. sdh298465 (verified owner)

    Very nice!!. Little bit of visual but mostly body high

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