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Wonder – Psilocybin Gummies – Cherry ColaWonder – Psilocybin Gummies – Cherry Cola

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Wonder – Psilocybin Gummies – Cherry Cola – 3g

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Are you looking to integrate psilocybin into your daily routine?

Maybe you’re looking to microdose on a regular basis to enjoy the benefits of increased creativity, decreased anxiety, and improved mood. Perhaps you’re looking to take your next philosophical discussion with friends to a whole new level with a museum dose. Or you might be looking to reset your ego and perspective of the world by taking a trip to wonderland with a mega dose.

For all the above and more, Wonder has you covered. Our Wonder psilocybin gummies are carefully crafted using meticulous measurements of premium quality, third party tested psilocybin derived from the world’s most beloved psychedelic mushroom, Psilocybe Cubensis.

Wonder gummies are gummies you can trust to lead you through a positive psilocybin experience, no matter what experience you’re looking for: each package of Wonder gummies contains 3 grams of psilocybin within ten expertly-made gummies that are precisely divided into 300mg psilocybin servings so you can start low and increase your dosage as necessary with precision. Wonder gummies are available in Watermelon, Blackberry, Cranberry, and Cherry Cola flavours.

It’s time to add some Wonder to your life. Thanks for taking the leap down the rabbit hole with us!

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2 reviews for Wonder – Psilocybin Gummies – Cherry Cola – 3g

  1. RoxxyV (verified owner)

    These are delicious, good size gummy and super convenient while dosing during or on the go! Enjoyed’em so much the first time, I bought more.

  2. zach-barons (verified owner)

    Ate 2 every 90mins until I ate 6(comes with 10). Very clean, fun buzz, no gut rot. Would recommend for someone first trying shrooms or if you are looking to feel great without fully blasting off!

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