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Twisted Tips - Berry BlueTwisted Tips - Berry Blue

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Twisted Tips Terpene Infused Filters – Variety Flavours

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Choose from five deliciously smooth flavors. Each pack includes 2 filter tips for endless flavored fun. Infused with terpenes, the tips will enhance the smoke with a delicate touch of flavor.

Tips and Tricks:Β One end of the tip has a paper “S” filter, the other end is cellulose. Make sure the paper end of the tip is on the inside of your joint for optimal flavour. The cellulose end of the tip should be the part that meets your lips.


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8 reviews for Twisted Tips Terpene Infused Filters – Variety Flavours

  1. emy_levesque_22 (verified owner)

    Wow the taste is really good! Try that!

  2. roberthannam94 (verified owner)

    Great taste!!, first time trying and will definitely be adding them to my cart every time they are available

  3. mblair.51 (verified owner)

    These tips are now a staple at sesh time. Take it to the next level with these additions, flavors are on point!

  4. daryl (verified owner)

    These taste delicious. *adds to cart.

  5. Rambo08 (verified owner)

    Adds a very tasty flavour!

  6. Emartel23 (verified owner)

    Love these, always a nice change when craving a special smoke. I like to roll a J with these when at a social gathering, usually a nice surprise for those I’m smoking with. Peach/mint is my favourite flavour, but they are all enjoyable.

  7. kayteess637 (verified owner)

    I find these to have more of an aroma than a flavor. Island Hopper was ok.

  8. sabrinaaaaa (verified owner)

    The flavours are good!

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