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G - CBD Capsules – 25mgG - CBD Capsules – 25mg

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THC Capsules – 25mg

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  • 30 capsules per bottle
  • each capsule is 500mg (25mg THC)/ (475mg MCT Oil)
  • made with full spectrum THC, manufactured and third party tested in Canada


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3 reviews for THC Capsules – 25mg

  1. kingofthemennos (verified owner)

    My tolerance has gone up with my usage over the last year or two. These work well when I haven’t had any thc for a while. I like having the 50mg capsules, too, but you can easily pop a couple or these. Easier for upping the dosage when I don’t feel like eating too much of the thc chocolates or gummies. I will buy these when they are in stock pretty much every time.

  2. liveforthemoment37 (verified owner)

    a solid [9] the first time i took these- great for moving around and being creative, listening to music also very good

  3. junkboi709 (Justin) (verified owner)

    These are great! 25mg/cap is a good dose for me, with a high smoking tolerance (1-2g/day), I feel like I smoked a couple bowls of some nice bud, great for relaxing, playing instruments or being creative! I find 2-3 caps at night have me couchlocked within 60-90 mins lol, great for helping my insomnia! (Especially if you’re like me and only THC works for sleep. Tried so many meds, edibles KO me and these capsules are a no brainer at this price.)
    Wish I could’ve got the 50mg Rockstar caps, for the future now! 😀

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