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Premium Shatter – Face Off OG – 2g

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Face Off OG, also known as “Face Off,” “OG Face Off,” and “Face Off OG Kush,” is a potent indica marijuana strain. The story of Face Off OG begins in the late 1990s in California when Archive Seeds was gifted with the seeds of an exceptional OG Kush phenotype. This 70/30 indica-dominant hybrid shares its name with the 1997 movie in which Nicolas Cage and John Travolta literally swap faces (“I want to take his face…off!”), and the experience this strain has to offer could arguably be compared to losing your face. Dizzying euphoria goes straight to the head in an intensely psychoactive experience best reserved for veteran consumers. Its crushing full-body effects make this strain a great choice for consumers attending to physical discomfort or for relaxing on a lazy weekend.

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