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Mush DrissaMush Drissa

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One of the best strains for a straight up good, happy trip. This strain will turn you into a giggly little kid that can’t stop smiling. You will be in awe of everything and everyone around you. The experience is euphoric, introspective and spiritual, but also energized and exciting. Best to take with some of your good pals, or in a setting that feels fun for you!

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2 reviews for Orissa

  1. Vanessa Marko (verified owner)

    Great for microdosing and does make you get the giggles.

  2. Fox (verified owner)

    Probably one of the best mushroom highs I have ever had- This strain gives you an amazing body high and good laughs. Ended up doing Tie Dye and then putting glow sticks on the cat. Will be ordering more!!!

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