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Vape Nuked Pineapple THC Rosin.1Vape Nuked Pineapple THC Rosin.1

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Nukd Extracts – THC Rosin Vape – Pineapple – 0.5ml

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THC – 65%+

100% Pure Rosin Vape Oil

100% Pure Rosin is not diluted with any impure products such as solvents & hydrocarbons; or any cannabis oils that contain them. It’s created using a solvent-less extraction process. A combination of heat and pressure quickly squeezes resinous sap from the cannabis material. The result is a translucent, sappy, and occasionally a shatter-like product. Most importantly, it retains the mix of terpenes that create the aroma and flavour of a cannabis strain. Without a single part per million (PPM) of residual hydrocarbon. So you are essentially getting pure shatter without any residual solvents.

Nuko double presses the flower (bud) to extract everything. So it can be a little darker than other Rosin Pens.

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