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Nepalese Temple HashNepalese Temple Hash

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Nepali Temple Hash

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Nepalese Temple Hash is a fully decarboxlytaed whole plant cannabis concentrates with high a THC percent that ranges from 50-60%. These balls produce a potent, aromatic and flavoured texture. They are prepared with Resins, which are first dried. The dried resins are then rolled upon hands.

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9 reviews for Nepali Temple Hash

  1. brycebraaten (verified owner)

    This hash is what you tell your buddy’s about, but never share!

  2. mrshawnwick (verified owner)

    Tried it once and I’m hooked lol
    Absolutely Great Stuff!

  3. panz66 (verified owner)

    Soft burns nice an slowly

  4. 1965huggybear (verified owner)

    This hash is awesome. It smells great, is soft and works like a charm. I would recommend this to anyone interested in a hash purchase.

  5. rmr.bond11 (verified owner)

    This stuff gives you a nice hash hug .back pain be gone .relaxes u to the max .great in volcano.will def buy again

  6. brodiebeaudry25 (verified owner)

    love the taste, the feel, best hash yet

  7. j_a_gallacher (verified owner)

    First one I ordered from here, wasn’t disappointed.

  8. wanda.kitzman (verified owner)

    Tasty smoke, breaks up nice and best body stone!!

  9. torontosafecracking (verified owner)

    Great Hash, Love the taste, would def get again, worth the price.

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