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Medi Hash


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“Doctors hate him! This medical-grade hash packs a potent punch and makes a great choice for medical and recreational cannabis users alike. Each brick of this premium extract is stamped with the caduceus, a symbol used since ancient times to communicate medical properties. Medi Hash lives up to its name, boasting a potent THC content and a fairly high CBD concentration to boot.
These two cannabinoids work in consort to enhance one another’s possible healing properties. A super-clean solventless extract made with love in British Columbia, Medi Hash has taken the cannabis world by storm. Many online dispensaries have already sold out of this excellent extract – don’t get left behind!”

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7 reviews for Medi Hash

  1. darude1234 (verified owner)

    Decent hash for a good price

  2. wanda.kitzman (verified owner)

    This is your basic hash. Not horrible but not the best either. Just an average buzz and not very long lasting.

  3. gdillinghamblais (verified owner)

    I really like working with this hash, it breaks up really well to go into a hash joint as well as a pipe. Like some reviewers have said, not the longest lasting high but it is a soft and pleasant buzz. I do recommend for smoking WITH weed

  4. joelpaquette (verified owner)

    Not the best also not the worst.for the price cant complain.

  5. trevor.allan.dubroy (verified owner)

    A nice smooth additive to any bud joint., but won’t floor you. Moderate pricing is attractive to help get free shipping.

  6. logan200625 (verified owner)

    I would say that this is a decent batch of Media Hash as it isn’t the most flavorful or strongest but did offer a pleasant taste and high, definitely a good go to for a person on a budget

  7. mac_thelumberjack (verified owner)

    Great price and quick delivery. 4/5.

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