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The Mazatapec mushroom is a cubensis strain native to Mexico known for it’s highly visual, euphoric and spiritual experience. The Mazatec indigenous people of Mexico used the Mazatapec Mushrooms for spiritual and religious purposes and were the first people to introduce the strain to the western world. Take Mazatapec for a powerful spiritual journey and a gentle body feel.

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8 reviews for Mazatapec

  1. Devin Worsley (verified owner)

    Very mellow high, took about 2g. Would definitely take a higher dose next time. It was more of a body high than anything, but still enjoyable. I recommend this one if you’re new to mushrooms!

  2. collins.kimberly93 (verified owner)

    Good stuff fun to take with friends

  3. jaysavage75 (verified owner)

    Ate a small amount to check it out and was feeling great for a few hours

  4. evanbingham90 (verified owner)

    Shrooms=good:). Am satisfied.

  5. MO (verified owner)

    You feel a lot of love

  6. bsaliot (verified owner)

    A very good journey with the Mazatapec, I was looking for a spiritual journey and I was not disappointed.

  7. Meagan Dallaire (verified owner)

    Stronger then expected. I have a very high tolerance and this had me pleasantly surprised. This will regularly be added to my cart.

  8. Starscream911 (verified owner)

    These we’re really good the trip was nice and lasted about 5 hours

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