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Maserati Hash

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Maserati Hash
Maserati Hash is a super amazing Indica Dominant Hybrid strain. This hash is truly the most spectacular addition to any packed bowl or bong, adding potency and smoothness to users’ smoking experiences.

Best use
Great for many situations, Maserati Hash will take users on a glorious journey through the galaxy. Ideal for use during an evening stroll on the beach or a casual smoke-sesh in the park, this versatile extract is a delightful addition to any evening or night. Maserati Hash offers full body relaxation and an overwhelmingly beautiful cerebral buzz! We recommend adding some Maserati Hash to an Indica filled joint to enjoy crazy levels of calmness and euphoria!

Maserati Hash maintains a light and delicate scent with somewhat hashy flavours. With a pungent earthy and herbal taste, the Maserati Hash is an extract like no other! Upon first inhalation, the earthy tastes will begin to tantalize the taste buds. Soon after an herbal taste will arise and a flavour similar to a cup of earl grey tea will become apparent. Overall, the Maserati Hash will provide smokers with a flight of light, yet apparent, flavours that will further push both the body and mind into a state of deep relaxation.

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