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Budder Gas MaskBudder Gas Mask

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Live Resin – Gas Mask

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Gas Mask by Pacific NW Roots is a funky strain with an aroma so pungent, you might need a gas mask. Created by backcrossing a Cherry Pie and Alien Kush F2 hybrid, Gas Mask reeks of fuel with a distant note of overripe citrus. This strain was created through a collaboration with Exotic Genetix, a Pacific Northwest mainstay. Gasmask has an 8 to 9 week flowering period and a medium-sized yield for attentive growers. This pungent phenotype is known for its strong, long-lasting high, so mind your dosage. Anticipate a heavy, mind-numbing cerebral sensation that evaporates stress as it sinks into the limbs.

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2 reviews for Live Resin – Gas Mask

  1. gotvtec (verified owner)

    The consistency was more like a htsfe and less like a resin. But it hit pretty decently, not much of a smell and brought you to cough for sure, a good stone, but I had a stiff chest the following morning after some big dabs, may purchase again

  2. bobbykanada (verified owner)

    My favorite concentrate so far.
    Top 5 buzz, smooth, really well made and its texture is very easy to deal with.
    this is my go to when i get home after work and dont want to put in too much effort to get lit

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