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Budder Donkey ButterBudder Donkey Butter

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Live Resin – Donkey Butter

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Donkey Butter is an indica marijuana strain made by crossing Grease Monkey with Triple OG. This strain provides sedating effects that weigh heavily on the limbs and mind. Donkey butter is pungent with fuel-forward and earthy aromas. Growers say Donkey butter is a heavy resin producer and has dark buds with deep green colors. Medical marijuana patients choose this strain for the physical and mental dulness that relieves chronic stress, pain and everyday troubles.

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3 reviews for Live Resin – Donkey Butter

  1. wdh69420 (verified owner)

    relaxing make you sleepy kind of high

  2. gotvtec (verified owner)

    Was very nice, hit the chest pretty hard, brings on some coughing but provides a good buzz. Decent smell to it, not to strong. Good flavour on a nail

  3. r.rodg89 (verified owner)

    Another heavy hitter, great taste and if you liked the flower youll love the resin.

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