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Klear - Kryptonite - 270MLKlear - Kryptonite - 270ML

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Klear Kryptonite Cleaner – 270ml

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KLEAR Kryptonite is the safest cleaner and the first and only shake-free, multi-surface cleaner fueled and formulated by science. Made for the kind of messes only cannabis products can create, this water-soluble product dissolves and washes away built-up residue in just 30 minutes. No shaking. No soaking. No kidding. Great for concentrates, bongs, rigs, ceramic, quartz, titanium and even your grow equipment

• Great for Glass, Percs, Rigs, Ceramic, Titanium, Quartz, Grow Equipment
• Pour, Wait, Rinse..Done!
• EPA-Approved
• Eco-Friendly
• Safe on Clothing and Skin
• No harsh chemicals or abrasives
• Clay based and Water Soluble
• Made in the USA

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