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Integra Boost Humidity Pack 62% – 1g – (10 pack)

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Integra Boost Humidity Packs are the best method of keeping your harvest fresher while extending longevity. The curing and storage of your product doesn’t have to be a challenging experience. A handy Integra humidity pack uses a patent pending method to maintain storage contents at 62% humidity; the optimum humidity level for bud. Avoid mold while maintaining the flavor, aroma, and potency of your product. They’re perfect for jars that are constantly being reopened throughout the day. Get the most out of your crop with Integra Humidity Packs.

(10 packs per order = 10g total)

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2 reviews for Integra Boost Humidity Pack 62% – 1g – (10 pack)

  1. Paul Shaw (verified owner)

    Although not connected to them (other than really liking their products!) Integra Boost Humidity Packs work really well and pretty much “set the gold standard” of maintaining the perfect relative humidity (62% in this case) of all your air-tight storage containers. Each humidity pack comes with an indicator card that you put into your container with the humidity pack. When the coloured dot on the indicator card turns from pink to blue you replace both. The 1 gram size treats 3.5g of flower. You can add as many packs as your container requires.
    I’m hoping Grasslife adds the 2g, 4g and 8g size to the inventory – which are recommended for containers of 1/4oz, 1/2 oz and 1oz respectively. Think of these as the modern day orange peel/apple slices we use to use… without all the extra added “fruity flavor!”

  2. Isabella B (verified owner)

    Toss a couple of these into my stash jar and my flower stays fresh just like the day I got it a month later

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