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High Voltage Extracts – Live Resin – Blue CindyHigh Voltage Extracts – Live Resin – Blue Cindy
High Voltage Extracts

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High Voltage Extracts – Live Resin – Sour Amnesia 1g

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Strain TypesHybrid

HortiLab Seeds has created a potent sativa blend by bringing together Sour Diesel and Amnesia, two legendary strains from opposite sides of the world. Sour Amnesia has an earthy, floral aroma that is enhanced by the citrus, diesel zest of Sour Diesel. After taking 2nd place in the Sativa Cup at the High Times Cannabis Cup in 2012, the strain has been celebrated for its soaring, uplifting effects and is appreciated by commercial breeders and connoisseur growers alike.

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