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Mush - Full Moon PartyMush - Full Moon Party

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Full Moon Party

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“Full Moon Party”, or Koh Samui, also known as Psilocybe Samuiensis Thailand or (Thai Koh Samui mushroom), is a cubensis mushroom that originated in Thailand, on the island of Koh Samui.

Psilocybe Cubensis Koh Samui has a moderate to high potency, and it offers a strong mind high. It falls somewhere between a regular cubensis like Golden Teacher and PE varieties.

This mushroom strain is a little “trickster” as you may feel no psychedelic effects up to an hour after ingestion, and then all of a sudden, it hits you with a strong wave and triggers visuals almost instantly.

According to many trip reports, this super strain quickly becomes people’s favourite, as it offers phenomenal visuals, amazing euphoria and generally, a very positive experience.

It’s no wonder why they have the full moon festival in Thailand every month where thousands gather to eat this sacred mushroom and experience God-Within together.

Koh Samui magic mushroom is a perfect choice for people who are looking for enhanced visuals, or those who would like to try psilocybin mushrooms with a higher than average potency.

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