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Chitwan NepalChitwan Nepal

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Chitwan Nepal

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Discovered in Chitwan Nepal on elephant or rhino dung. This one is another great strain. Very dense fruits with heavy bluing when bruised. Above-average rhizomorphic mycelium, and a heavy spore depositor. Does well on bulk substrates.

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3 reviews for Chitwan Nepal

  1. bill.robinsonck (verified owner)

    I got these as a sample and loved them so much that I ordered a full ounce. I felt euphoric with just 1g. This might be my new favorite.

  2. dj4y (verified owner)

    Great time, beautiful for in Tea !

  3. d.venn (verified owner)

    These are one of my favorite strains ever, the first couple times I took it easy, a g or so, had a great time. Then one day I decided to eat the biggest cap I had ever seen. The trip happened almost immediately, the room started to look different, walls were breathing heavily, and I started seeing colours I had never seen before. About 30 mins into the trip I was like something you see from Kensington Ave in Philadelphia. I went to a whole new place, it was like I was playing poker with God and the devil, and my sole was the pot. Luckily I pulled the full house and won.

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