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Cannaisseur - Green AppleCannaisseur - Green Apple

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Cannaisseur – Disposable THC Distillate Pen – Green Apple 0.5ml

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The sleek design allows patients to medicate with ease and discretion on the go! Each vape pen is 0.5ml, made from THC distillate produced in a state of the art facitlity using short path distillation resulting in a solvent free extract. Live cannabis plant terpenes are also extracted and formulated for superior floavour and product. Every disposable vape pen is specifically designed for proper comsumption of distillate, and carries 250mg of THC distilalte and 250mg of Natural Terpenes.

*Non-rechargable and non-refillable.

*We use only top quality,  food grade, Health Canada approved products in production of all cartridges,  we absolutely do NOT use Vitamin E Acetate or any other preservatives in any of our products*

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