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Cannabuzzz - Pina Colada - Gummy BearsCannabuzzz - Pina Colada - Gummy Bears

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Cannabuzz – Pina Colada Gummy Bears – 150mg THC

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Yummy gummy bears infused with real flavours handmade from scratch using natural ingredients and high grade solvent free extract to satisfy the fussiest gummy edible fiend. It will leave you saying wow and drooling for more.
– We made them extra potent to shoot you off into the fruity rainbow bliss.
– Unique & vibrant flavour profiles of Pina Colada.
– Medically these are perfect for those with underlying problems of physical or nerve pain, insomnia and restlessness, or otherwise just buckle up for an intense fruity ride.
Available in variations of THC & CBD assortments from 150MG to 1000MG to cater to your individual edible appetites.

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