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mix and match 4 of your favourite strains and receive 10%off! **discount applies to the strains listed below only

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30 reviews for 1OZ SAMPLE PACK – SAVE 10%

  1. marc (verified owner)

    Great way to get a nice variety so you find a nice sativa to can work in the garden or a robust indica to watch a movie. And you get a nice discount so you can get a pre-roll!

  2. campesecontracting (verified owner)

    Love it when you want to check something out it perfect for that. Great work everyone. Stay safe.

  3. Starscream911 (verified owner)

    It a good bundle if you like to smoke different strains

  4. m4tsm450 (verified owner)

    Perfect to test out different strain and find out your favorite

  5. Lconnors463 (verified owner)

    bundles are great if you want to try something different without buying a whole bunch at once

  6. damiendompierre (verified owner)

    I love to try new strains and this is great. I’ve never come across one I didn’t like.

  7. MemyselfandI (verified owner)

    Great way to try new strains for a great price

  8. eunit (verified owner)

    Always great to get separate strains to see what you prefer, kinda like a Costco taste test

  9. theatriumcafe (verified owner)

    Fantastic for sharing many different flavors and blends with friends. Also very nice to be able to save and sample before committing to full ounces or more. Good place to look when inventory is low on larger volumes too!! Keep up the great work you guys at Grasslife!!

  10. Chickadee23 (verified owner)

    This is a great way to try new strains at a reasonable price without having to buy a ton of any kind at once. I’d definitely recommend this option if the available strains interest you

  11. (verified owner)

    Amazing and cheap way for you and some friends to have many different flavors and expierences.

  12. jeanettelangdon (verified owner)

    Great way to find your favourite strain without buying a large quantity.

  13. daryl (verified owner)

    Value and variety. Love me some mix and match.

  14. rileycreasy (verified owner)

    Good value and variety. Good option.

  15. liambpenney (verified owner)

    It was a cheap way to try a bunch of new stuff!

  16. yodicintio (verified owner)

    I love this bundle because I am a very indecisive person and really struggle to make a single choice when I order an OZ. This is a great way for me to sample different strains at a really reasonable price. This package is a staple of my orders now.

  17. Nia (verified owner)

    This bundle is super helpful especially if you want to try different strains or if you’re super indecisive.

  18. kristenkp (verified owner)

    A great deal that allows for variety, trying this, trying that, with a great and always changing selection.

  19. RC (verified owner)

    This is a very good and reasonable deal if you are trying to get good quality bud.

  20. jmichellajoie (verified owner)

    Great deal and good quality

  21. v_komyshan (verified owner)

    This 1oz deal is great- lets you try out different strains and see which you like best. Its great for choosing a night time, day time and chill strain for all your needs!

  22. sallicockhawtin (verified owner)

    Best way to try stuff. Love the variety love the different stuff and nothing is better than a salad!

  23. Buck’s Doe (verified owner)

    Enjoy trying new stuff, having different flavours on hand. This is a great way to buy.

  24. ashleypresseault01 (verified owner)

    Great high with great options

  25. Amar (verified owner)

    I like smoking different types. So this bundle works great.

  26. sebastien.thinon (verified owner)

    Awsome package, perfect to discover and share with firends. As always the weed are awsome. what ever you take, you will love it!!

  27. (verified owner)

    Perfect for sampling various strains and getting a first hand experience.

  28. (verified owner)

    Perfect for sampling various strains and getting a first hand experience.

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