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Bright Future – Nootropic Coffee – Wide AwakeBright Future – Nootropic Coffee – Wide Awake

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Bright Future – Nootropic Coffee – Wide Awake – 100mg

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10 packets of Nootropic Coffee per box. For all you coffee lovers who believe that your morning coffee is the best part of your day, prepare for it to get much better! Pour a cup and you’ll feel as if you were plugged into a charger all night. We’ve combined premium microground Arabica coffee with our organic mushroom blend to set you up for success. Our convenient packets make it easy to just add hot water and enjoy anywhere. Boost your brain and ride the lightning with Wide Awake. What is better than feeling wired, enhancing your mood and being full of creative energy? Nothing.

INGREDIENTS: 100mg psilocybe cubensis · Microground Arabica coffee

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