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Bright Future - Microdose Capsules - The micro - 1.25gBright Future - Microdose Capsules - The micro - 1.25g
Bright Future

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Bright Future – Microdose Capsules – The Micro – (50mg x 30 Capsules)


Are you new to microdosing and want to see what all the fuss is about? The Micro is a great place to start. But be prepared for your world to be drastically changed in the best imaginable way. This organic mushroom blend combines all the amazing health benefits of mushroom adaptogens along with psilocybin. The Micro will improve your mood, encourage creative thinking, increase productivity and focus without experiencing euphoria. Microdosing boosts your energy and can alleviate hard to treat depression, anxiety and PTSD. You will enhance your productivity and focus all while feeling bulletproof. Get ready to experience your full potential of happiness and success.

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