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Bloom - Black VapeBloom - Black Vape

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BLOOM – Vaporizer Pen Battery and USB Charger

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Go forth and BLOOM. Add distinction to your vape experience with unique style, top strain derived flavours and easier-than-easy change ups. Only have a minute in between engagements? No big. The ceramic core and even-chambered heating system deliver full, clean pulls so you can make the most of your moments. Only to be used with the specially made Bloom Pods (B-Pods), enjoy natural flavours sourced from the flower itself in a convenient and innovative way. Switch experiences in a snap using the magnetic B-Pod system so you’ll be ready no matter what.

Only compatible with Bloom Pods

*We use only top quality,  food grade, Health Canada approved products in production of all cartridges,  we absolutely do NOT use Vitamin E Acetate or any other preservatives in any of our products*

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