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Greentree Extracts – Blue Dream (Hybrid) 0.6mlGreentree Extracts – Blue Dream (Hybrid) 0.6ml

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BLOOM – C02 Pod by Greentree Extracts – Blue Dream (Hybrid) 0.6ml

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Strain TypesSativa

Made exclusively for the BLOOM Vaporizer pen, these pods are all you need for everyday pleasure. Play is Sativa dominant and makes for a great pick-me-up. Play gives you motivation and energy so you can socialize and get the party going. Balance is a Hybrid blend for when you need that nice milieu between energy and relaxation. Balance gives you exactly what it suggests, and is a great addition to getting those chores done or binge watching Netflix. Chill is Indica dominant and perfect for shutting down the noise and receding into your cocoon. Chill relaxes your body and mind and makes for the ultimate bed-mate. Keep all 3 pods on-the-ready and effortlessly switch between experiences using the secured magnetic pod system. Have the energy and focus necessary to be your team’s MVP, stay even-keeled as you work on that passion project or wind down to take your time as the sun sets. Get it done discreetly and naturally with the BLOOM pod on your BLOOM vaporizer

*We use only top quality,  food grade, Health Canada approved products in production of all cartridges,  we absolutely do NOT use Vitamin E Acetate or any other preservatives in any of our products*

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