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Beyond Smoking – Cannabis Cigar – Fatty XL – 7.5g

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Beyond Smoking is a luxury brand of hand crafted custom designed Cannabis Cigars, out of Calgary Alberta. In our mind a Cannabis Cigar is a pre-roll, that consists of a center vent hole known as the “worm hole”. The cannabis should be completely solid when completed, added concentrate and an organic wrap (No tobacco) and should burn for hours! Our Cannabis Cigars are a bit different then most. We don’t leave the skewer in the cigar for the customer to remove, we remove it before final packaging, just pop the top, remove the protective hemp wick and light it up.

Our packages offer lighting instructions with all of our cigars to make sure you maximize your smoking experience.

We use a 100% organic non GMO hemp wrap instead of Cannabis fan leaf’s. Fatty – 7.5g premium cannabis flower THC Distillate – 0.5g Just over 3 1/2″ long and 1/2″ wide, 24k gold cannabis cigar with zero tobacco Will burn for just under 1 hour!

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