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BC Trees - Full Spectrum - CBD OilBC Trees - Full Spectrum - CBD Oil
BC Trees

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BC Trees THC Tincture – Full Spectrum THC Oil – 650ml

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A little goes a long way.
We are proud to offer our 100% organic POTENT and easy to absorb tincture for your medical needs We use the same CO2 method for our extraction as we do with our vape line. Just pure organic full spectrum THC oil precisely mixed with our organic MCT oil base. Our tinctures will allow for fast absorption so you can does discreetly for deeper pain management. This product is another level of potency when compared to traditional edibles. Take your time to unwind with this perfectly balanced
medicine. Add a few drops to your BC Trees CBD tinctures for a more balanced deeper and relief. Some benefits may be relief from; stress, pain, appetite loss, restlessness, pain and muscle soreness.

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